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Identity and diversity tool box

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This is a tool box of different no formal activities to explore what is the identity (social and personal) and to explore the dinamics in groups with cultural differences and to understand better what is the european citizenship.

Aims of the tool

The aim is to have a deeper awareness of yourself and your identity, to understand the difficulties in multicultural groups and to find solution. Also to gain knowledges about european citizenship.

Description of the tool

This tool box attached was born in a Training course in Palazzolo Acraide (SR), Italy in Jannuary 2012.
It involved youth workers from several countries: Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy!

we worked hard, shared our experiences and tools and at the end we produced that activites and the video. The first part with methods, could help you to plan activies with young people on the topic of identity (personal and social) and the diversity trought the multicultural group dinamics. The second part,the video, is a media product usefull to start discussion on the topic of the european citizenship. It takes inspiration from the SALTO booklet “hands on european citizenship” edited by the Dutch National Agency in the 2010.

Each tool could be trasformed and adapted to the group!
good work!

Available downloads:


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Tool overview

Identity and diversity tool box

This tool addresses

European Citizenship

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Training Course

The tool has been experimented in

Identity and Diversity project; TC of YIA, Jannuary 2012

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Laura Birtolo (on 10 July 2012)

and last modified

9 July 2012

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