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IDEA Guide, Interactive Toolkit and Practitioners Network

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The "Improved Employability through Circular Economy Education for Adults" (IDEA) project empowers adultsat risk of exclusion by enhancing their skills in Circular Economy and Plastic Craftwork, fostering social inclusion, and improving employability.

Aims of the tool

IDEA Guide: To equip trainers with detailed methodologies and tools to promote Circular Economy and sustainability, targeting adults at risk of exclusion.

IDEA Interactive Toolkit: To develop a versatile, co-designed toolkit that improves Circular Economy education through practical, interactive resources.

IDEA Practitioners Network: To create an online platform that promotes a community of practice among adults through shared learning and collaboration in Circular Economy and recycled art/craftwork.

Description of the tool

IDEA Guide: The IDEA Guide provides practical resources and good practices for trainers, incorporating arts, crafts, and tinkering to foster Circular Economy principles. It includes educational modules, theoretical sessions, and hands-on activities designed to enhance employability and social inclusion. Users can access to Guide in English, Polish, and Italian languages.

IDEA Interactive Toolkit: The IDEA Interactive Toolkit offers educational materials, guidelines, workshops, and video tutorials on Circular Economy and plastic craftwork. It is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable to various educational contexts, promoting sustainable practices and upskilling adults. Users can access to Interactive Toolkit in English, Polish and Macedonian languages.

IDEA Practitioners Network: The IDEA Practitioners Network is an interactive web platform where users can access resources, exchange tutorials, and collaborate on plastic craftwork projects. It promotes peer-to-peer learning, enhances employability, and supports environmental sustainability. Users can access to Practitioners Network in English, Polish and Macedonian languages.

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Tool overview

IDEA Guide, Interactive Toolkit and Practitioners Network

This tool is for

IDEA Guide: Adult educators and trainers working with adults at risk of exclusion and those who did not complete their studies. IDEA Interactive Toolkit: Adult educators, trainers, and organizations involved in adult education, particularly those focusing on sustainability and Circular Economy. IDEA Practitioners Network: Unemployed adults, educators, and practitioners interested in Circular Economy and recycled art/craftwork, aiming to improve social inclusion and employment opportunities.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Networking and Follow-up, Personal Development, Peer education, Environment

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Fundacja Imienia Braci Sołuńskich - Cyryla i Metodego (Poland), Caritas Archidiecezji Przemyskiej (Poland), Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy), Zdruzhenie za zashtita i unapreduvanje na zhivotnata sredina Eco Logic (North Macedonia), Bosnian Representative Associat

in the context of

IDEA- Improved Employability through Circular Economy Education for Adults

The tool has been experimented in

Local activities

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Mine Vaganti NGO (on 18 June 2024)

and last modified

15 June 2024

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