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Happy Ever After Toolkit - Creating a Methodology of Happiness

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This collection of methods were made and used during the Happy Ever
After seminar in Georgia, October 2015. We wish this booklet will help you and your group in sharing
experiences, learning and maybe getting a step closer to your Happy
Ever After.

Aims of the tool

The methods in this booklet are divided into
• the introductory phase; where the aim is to learn more
about the topics that are used to evaluate happiness
• the internal phase; where we look at how we analyse what
makes us happy and what we could do to reach personal
• the implementary phase; where the methods created by
the participants are presented.

Description of the tool

Happiness and well-being
are complex sums of situation, context and effort in our lives and in the
lives of others. Therefore, what we have here is not a road to happiness,
but merely a step towards understanding what happiness is for you and
your peers.


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Tool overview

Happy Ever After Toolkit - Creating a Methodology of Happiness

This tool is for

Youth groups, youth workers, school children, teen-agers and older

and addresses

Personal Development, Conflict Management, Peer education, Gender issues, Eastern Europe and Caucasus

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

These are described separately for each method in the booklet


tools vary in time from 30min-3h

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Cheif Editor: Eelin Hoffström, Contributing Editors: Pia Nurmio-Perälä, Kateryna Zeziulina, Júlia Hentz, Design and layout: Júlia Hentz

in the context of

Happy Ever After seminar in Kabuleti, Georgia, October 2015

The tool has been experimented in

Happy Ever After seminar in Kabuleti, Georgia, October 2015

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Eelin Hoffström (on 12 April 2016)

and last modified

27 February 2016

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