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Guiding through Obstacles

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Monitoring and Evaluation (Risk assessment)

A activity illustrating potential problems with group dynamics, specifically useful to understand the importance of monitoring and evaluation.

Aims of the tool

- to consider various elements affecting group dynamics and consider solutions

- to collaborate and become acquainted

- to comprehend the significance of monitoring and evaluating

Description of the tool

The tool, which was unveiled on YMCA TC - Know Your Say, consists of progressively more challenging team exercises.
Five phases make up the first part:

1- Pairs are formed inside the group. In the space, participant 1 leads participant 2. Participant 1 calls the name to direct participant 2 to the place while participant 2 had her eyes closed. Switch roles.

2- Alternate pairings. With three touches, shoulders, and back, participant 1 leds participant 2 from behind. Stop is provided by holding the back-touching touch. The eyes of participant 2 are closed. Switch roles.

3. Switch partners. the same as phase 2, except with the addition of a Horn sound produced with the mouth by participant 2.

4- Same as phase 3. However, a sensory task has been introduced that participant 2 has to implement guided by participant 1. Switch roles.

5- Participants engage in a Thai-Contact dialogue in the room (see photo).

Second Section: Highlight important details of what transpired. The objective is to demonstrate and analyze their decision-making process within the group. The exercise's purpose is to help you consider the various elements that affect group dynamics and consider solutions, specifically related to monitoring and evaluation.


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Tool overview

Guiding through Obstacles

This tool addresses

Conflict Management, Organisational Management, Peer education, Evaluation

Materials needed:

Flip-Chart and marker.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Olga Lukina and Emanuele Nargi

The tool has been experimented in

The tool, which was unveiled on YMCA TC - Know Your Say

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Emanuele Nargi (on 16 January 2024)

and last modified

2 July 2023

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