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Guidelines Youth and Museums

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These guidelines are addressed to museum professionals and youth workers who are interested in finding new ways to bring youth and museums closer.

Aims of the tool

Identify the main challenges to connecting youth and museums and create a series of recommendations.

Description of the tool

These guidelines are addressed to museum professionals and youth workers who are interested in finding new ways to bring youth and museums closer.
The idea for these guidelines comes from concerns in the museum sector about youths’ lack of interest in museums. Youth institutions backed up the idea of generating guidelines by creating a space for reflection on existing challenges and for creative thinking about strategies for overcoming barriers to bringing youth and museums closer together.
The Spanish Youth Institute (INJUVE) as part of Spanish National Agency for Erasmus+ and the Office of State Museums (Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports) created two Seminars. Beginning in 2018 with the first edition, young people, youth workers and museum professionals from all over Europe have gathered together to reflect on the challenges they encounter and the initiatives they are implementing to overcome these barriers.
During the most recent edition of “Youth and Museums Seminar” that took place online in October 2020, the participants identified the main challenges to connecting youth and museums, analysed the current situation by looking at the different actors, the power dynamics and current initiatives, next they brainstormed ideas for generating connections and finally, they collaboratively created a series of recommendations that we have collected here in these guidelines.
We are aware that not all recommendations and initiatives will be applicable to all contexts, but we hope this can be an inspirational tool. Feel free to pick the bits that are useful and adapt them to your realities.


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Tool overview

This tool addresses

Youth Participation

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

This publication is a result of the project “Youth and Museums #MuseoJoven Seminar” of Spanish National Agency. This publication reflects the views only of the authors (project participants and facilitators team: Gemma García Fernández, Clara Giberga Fern

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Daniel Gismera Casasola (on 30 November 2020)

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30 November 2020

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