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Green Toolbox- practical guidebook on sustainability in youth organizations.

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Green Toolbox encourages and inspires various sector organizations to apply sustainable working practices in their daily work and within their project and office management. It provides examples of activities and practices you can use within your projects

Aims of the tool

It responds to the questions ranging from how we can choose the most environmentally friendly merchandise and gadgets to most socially responsible banking for our organization; what office and project management practices can do most good and least harm for people, natural environment and animals.

The main aims of this publication are
1)to foster active engagement of European youth organizations in running sustainable organizations and youth activities;
2)encourage and inspire various sector youth organizations to apply sustainable working practices in their daily work and within their project management;

Description of the tool

Sustainability is a combination and synergy of social justice, ecological health, and economic vitality. This publication responds to a growing interest in sustainable consumption, addresses urgent global matters, and conveys the necessity for action. It aims to provide NGOs with the tools, information, and inspiration needed to introduce a wide variety of sustainable practices.

The publication contains samples of activities you could integrate in any of your projects to raise awareness of sustainability and impacts of international and national youth projects. It contains background information on tips and practices and would inspire your participants to seek their own way of practicing sustainability in their reality.

Sustainability should be on the agenda for all us. Above all, non-governmental organizations can become empowering role models that help bring sustainability into reality as they hold underutilized power to inspire individuals and communities.

In an increasingly globalized world it is essential to take into account the far-reaching impacts of our purchases, actions, and practices. We need to be aware of the complexity of links and interdependencies between social, economic, and ecological well-being. We believe that by recognizing these global interdependencies and the consequences of everything we do, as well as by striving to minimize the possible negative impacts of all our actions and practices, we will collectively create a just society.

Green Toolbox was written by Anete Liepina, Ewa Iwaszuk, Ilze Jece, Ivan Blazek, Pawel Pustelnik, Madara Peipina and Vanessa Hofeditz.

The publication can be ordered from IYNF and it is free of charge. Only postal costs of Euro 5 should be covered by the subscriber.


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Project managers, youth workers, leaders, volunteers, trainers, facilitators and all sorts of activists.

and addresses

YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme, Project Management, Organisational Management, Youth Participation, Environment

It is recommended for use in:

Action 3.1 (Cooperation with the Neighbouring Partner Countries)
Action 4.3 (Training and Networking)

Materials needed:

You can download the guidebook from:

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

International Young Naturefriends

in the context of

EYF, YiA, Visegrad Fund supported project "Road to sustainability! Green Toolbox for youth organizations"

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Ilze Jece (on 20 March 2013)

and last modified

30 January 2013

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