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GLOBERS - Handbook for Preparing Global Citizens

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Handbook for Preparing Global Citizens

Aims of the tool

Preparing Global Citizens

Description of the tool

As a partnership we spent long productive days in meetings with researchers, presentations, brainstormings, plenary sessions, debates, and cozy informal chatting evenings discussing what is global citizenship, what are the essential elements of it, its dimensions, ways to educate it, and how can we make the process of diving into global citizenship a fun way for young people.

We came up with the idea of 5 workshops, all based on non-formal education methods, that will bring in the foreground for the conversation about Global Citizenship. During the first project meeting in Trento, we learned that GCED can be taught in 3 main dimensions: cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral learning. In our workshops, we thus followed the idea of covering all these 3 dimensions, by offering young people the activities that will help them to THINK like global citizens, ACT like global citizens and FEEL like global citizens.

And this is how the project team designed 5 workshops:
- Introduction to the GCED: why to be a global citizen?
- Migration - workshop on migration processes around the world and refugees;
- One planet - workshop on global environmental issues;
- Multiculturalism - workshop on the value of diversity;
- Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

Each of the workshops had a clear plan of non-formal learning activities that could be offered to groups of young people 15-30 y.o. for about 5-7 hours of activities. Each workshop is built to create an environment where participants and facilitators would feel comfortable. So at the beginning of each workshop, you will find icebreakers and smaller games to get to know the group and build a trusting relationship before it goes to the main activities.


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Tool overview

GLOBERS - Handbook for Preparing Global Citizens

This tool addresses

Anti-Racism, Intercultural Learning, Personal Development, European Citizenship, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Capacity Building

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29 November 2022

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