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Presentation, Ice-breaker, Name Game/Get to know each other

fly with hope, drop the fears

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To provide the participants a way to express their hopes and fears on a creative and remembering way. To help them to reflect every day on the hopes and fears which they had by the beginning of the TC and to give the change to add or change the content.

Description of the tool

Every participant makes a "flying machine" like f.e. an airplane, Montgolfiere, Zeppelin, rocket, etc. It can be in three dimensions.

- On the navigating system ( f.e. the pilot, or the nose of the plane or...) should be written the hopes for the event. ( This is what helps them to go to the right direction)
The fears are written on the ballast, the luguage... The things that make them slow an potentially can be dropped of.
Finally on the engine of the machine, should be the personal contributions, the things which every participant will help the group to move.

This machines will be used every day during the reflection moment, as a help for expressing the emotions and thoughts about the past day.
The plenary group will be devided in subgroups, each with one facilitator.
The machines will be put on a position which symbolises this emotions, f.e. I am happy , so I put my plane on the sun... It was chaotic today so I put my balloon on the "seat belts on sign"...
Everybody should give a short explanation towards the group.


  • as a participant who has just returned from the TC in Check Republic and as a participant who experienced the tool, I must confess that it was really a great success especially under the guidence of Henk, a really great trainer. It can be successfully used as ice-breaker, getting to know each other better, inclusion or any other purpose. Thank you Henk, we love you. faruk balkaya, O.K.?, Turkey.

    faruk balkaya , 13 June 2008 07:51:37

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Tool overview

This tool is for

size is not important, as long as the plenary group is devided in sub groups.

and addresses

Personal Development

Materials needed:

- all kinds of "creative" materials such as paper, glue, skotch tape, straws, balloons, etc.
- a drawing of a departure and arrival airport
- drawings of potential obstacles, such as "wind", turbulence, "fasten seatbelts sign", storm cloud, a sun, rain cloud, lightning, etc... also ground drawings like a swamp, fire department, sea, mountain, etc.


preparing the "flying machines" : 30 - 45 minutes

Behind the tool

The tool was created by


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The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Henk Persyn (on 12 June 2008)

and last modified

17 December 2008

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