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Find Your Way! Toolbox to Escape Exclusion

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Find Your Way describes 9 formats of inclusive educational escape adventures for various educational settings, based on the educational escape rooms. The formats are: ESCAPE Board game, Book, Box, E-cards, Folder, Puzzle, map, Room divider and Suitcase.

Aims of the tool

• To discuss the concept of inclusive approaches and escape games in education and escape adventure in particular;
• To explore the potential of various formats of educational escape adventures as a practical tool to create innovative learning tools based on inclusion that give ownership to all learners;
• To explore and develop inclusive escape adventures to develop new innovative educational approaches for teachers and other educators;
• To collect the outcomes and create a useful and meaningful tool that support educators in both formal and non-formal education in Europe to make changes they want in their practices.

Description of the tool

This Toolbox collects and describes 9 different escape adventure formats, that have been developed by our partners within this Escape Exclusion Partnerschip. Escape Exclusion is long-term cooperation between 7 partners from Italy, Latvia, Spain and The Netherlands and was supported by the Latvian National Agency of Erasmus+ School Education

This project is a follow up of previous Partnernships on Creative Learning Environments and the educational escape rooms that we have developed did not seem inclusive enough and seem to be challenging for many educators, especially teachers. Therefore we decided to create more accesible and inclusive tools, based on the escape room concept.
9 formats have been identified to explore and develop:
@ Escape Boardgame
@ Escape Book
@ Escape Box
@ Escape E-cards
@ Escape Folder
@ Escape Map
@ Escape Puzzle
@ Escape Room divider
@ Escape Suitcase

The escape adventure formats have been tried out in our Training course and each of the adventure has been further analysed, developed and tested by one of our partners.

As the inclusive educational escape adventures have been developed within the concept of Creative Learning Environments, they have a special focus on teh educational aspect and ownership of learners and on inclusion. This means we have a strong focus in Multiple Intelligence.

This Toolbox is developed together with a the Ins & Outs Starter Kit , with extensive and in-depth Handbook, Toolkit and step-by-step Tutorial and Inclusive Learning Spaces -research. You can find them also here in the Tools for Trainers.

The tool can be found in 5 languages: English, Latvian, Dutch, Spanish and Italian, in the project website: or


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Tool overview

Find Your Way! Toolbox to Escape Exclusion

This tool is for

Educators: teachers, youth workers, social workers, (social) pedagogues, youth leaders and anyone who works with young people in any educational setting.

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Disability, Personal Development, Peer education, Gender issues

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Nothing specific is needed until you decide to implement the escape adventure in your practice. Then it depends on your own choice which materials are needed.


The Toolbox is to be read and use any time you want. The escape adventures that are desciribed, could vary from 15 minutes to months, depending on the educational purpose and your own game design.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

• Ruta Kronberga, Esther Bombín and Gabi Steinprinz. The collective of educators that were involved in the Escape Exclusion Strategic Partnership Project, coordinated by Ruta Kronberga, Esther Bombín and Gabi Steinprinz. Design by Esther Bombín

in the context of

Escape Exclusion -Strategic Partnership Project KA

The tool has been experimented in

Various local, regional, national and international activities, trainings and events in both formal and non-formal education, mainly in Italy, Latvia, Spain and The Netherlands.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Gabi Steinprinz (on 5 October 2023)

and last modified

25 June 2023

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