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Exercise, Boardgame

Find your Power-ups! - The Game of Trainers' Competences

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A practical peer-learning approach to identifying, mapping and improving trainer’s competences in EuroMed youth work and Erasmus+: Youth.

Aims of the tool

- To support self-reflection on trainer’s competences
- To identify competences to be improved
- To introduce trainers’ competences by means of a group activity
- To identify indicators for trainers’ competences within youth work (EuroMediterranean and Erasmus+:Youth)

Description of the tool

It is based on the ETS Set of competences for trainers within the context of EuroMed youth work
Both the research and the tool practice have helped to adapt the ETS competences and identify indicators within the context of EuroMediterranean youth work and proved useful to Erasmus+:Youth trainers, as well.

1. Preparation: set up 6 workstations, with a table and chairs in each one.
2. Plenary: Give a very brief explanation of the game and its aim. Introduce the game agenda on the board, with a schedule for the rounds, the meetings and end of the game, as explained in the instructions sheet. Give participant a precise place for the meetings between rounds (you can also prepare a trading spot with a counter and chairs for the brokers).
3. Divide the group in 6 teams of 3-6 members each.
4. Distribute the material as described in the "instructions sheet". You can prepare packages in separate folders. Clarify that everything is explained in the instructions and they have to manage their our time.
5. When the game is over, get back in plenary and conduct a debriefing of the activity. You can also use some questions from the C-Power Cards Activity (also in the SALTO toolbox)


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Tool overview

Find your Power-ups! - The Game of Trainers' Competences

This tool is for

Trainers within EuroMediterranean youth work and other trainers interested in mapping their competences for their development.

and addresses

EuroMed, Personal Development, Peer education

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking
Capacity Building

Materials needed:

Power Cards templates (20 cards)
Power Cards descriptions (4)
Markers (assorted colours, 2-3)
Flip chart sheet for each team C-Power card (1)
A4-size team C-Power card template (1)
Handout with the competences (2 per team)


90- 120 minutes

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Juan Ratto-Nielsen

in the context of

It was developed in the context of the publication "Trainers' Competences within EuroMediterranean Youth Work" SALTO EuroMed RC, 2014.

The tool has been experimented in

Successfully tested at the Euromed Trainers' Forum D.O.C – T.E.A.M - Venice, Italy - 4-8 October 2014 with 60 participants. Developed as a game for groups from the original 'C-Power Cards' (intended for trainer's individual reflection and development)

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Juan Ratto-Nielsen (on 12 March 2015)

and last modified

18 December 2014

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