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Expert in toys for My special Child - Toolkit

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ToyZone project has developed this research based toolkit with the training manual for parents and all operators with children especially with special needs.

Aims of the tool

The aim of this tool is to equip the adults and parents with the specific needed awareness about their children and what they might face if they are challenged.
We aim to give them some important tools to work with kids using toys to stimulate their progress and discover their (if Any) mental challenges.

Our project will contribute to improving the quality of life of both children with disabilities and their parents, by addressing positive inner feelings for a fulfilled and progressive life. At the same time, parents will have the opportunity to develop skills and abilities in the intrusive-recovery process of their own children.

Description of the tool

Development of the educational content of the platform:
Each partner will develop a module. The course will be initially developed in English, then each partner will make a translation in German, Romanian, Turkish, Czech, English.
1. Methods and techniques for identifying the need according to the characteristics of the deficient child;)
2. Methods and techniques for selecting the most appropriate educational material depending on the child's disability;)
3. Methods and techniques of working with Montessori techniques, ABA, PECS, Outdoor education;)
4. Methods and techniques for selecting the most appropriate educational material depending on the child's disability;)
5. The right choice of toys with psychological and rehabilitative impact on the child with disabilities;)

Creation of a course consisting of 5 modules, developed for parents of children with disabilities.
Parents with competencies developed in the application of Montesori ABA techniques, PECS in the therapy applied to the child with disabilities;
Parents advised in the correct choice of teaching materials and toys suitable for special children.


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Tool overview

Expert in toys for My special Child - Toolkit

This tool is for

Parents of children with disabilities will represent the target group in our project they will have the opportunity to interact at European level with parents who face the same problems and also to share their own experiences, opinions, ideas and to copy from other parents examples positive things to help them overcome their emotional problems. Facilitating the interaction between parents will be a plus for them as they will develop their own psycho-social strategies based on real experiences. By communicating, they will improve their language skills in a language of international circulation and also general culture.

and addresses


It is recommended for use in:

Strategic Partnerships

Materials needed:

Some toys mentioned in the videos on the platform.

Such as, Bubble maker, sport the difference game, Sand clock, etc.


2 Hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Consortium EUth wonders e.V. CERA, Psihoforworld, Educademy

in the context of

KA210 Adult Project

The tool has been experimented in


The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Mahmoud ElSayed (on 2 June 2024)

and last modified

30 May 2024

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