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EVS Learning Notebook

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The EVS Learning Notebook was created to answer the need detected by the Spanish National Agency to increase the support to the EVS Volunteers in their learning processes during the services and to increase their knowledge about Youthpass and how to us it

Aims of the tool

1. To support the EVS volunteers and their organization in reflecting about their learning processes during their services.

2.To promote the knoweledge of Youthpass as an strategy of the Youth in Action Programm for the recogniticon of the learning processes and outcomes in non-formal edution.

Description of the tool

This notebook is not compulsory for volunteers but give tips for planning and gathering up the experiences and learnings during their services.

The notebook proposes different methods to gather and reflect about their learning processes.

This notebook has three parts divided by different colours and symbols:

GREEN PAGES - INFORMATION: To clarify concepts and encourage to learn more about each subject suggesting links, alternatives, etc.

BLUE PAGES -REFLECTION: To encourage to reflect accordingly on different moments of EVS.

ORANGE PAGES - CALENDAR: An agenda to plan and gather up important moments that volunteers are living.

This notebook is edited in Spanish and English.
The notebook can be found in the web page of the Spanish National Agency:


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Tool overview

EVS Learning Notebook

This tool addresses

Voluntary Service

It is recommended for use in:

European Voluntary Service

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Content written by: Patricia Eguía, Francisco Cañizares y Álvaro Díaz (Coordinadora Infantil y Juvenil de Tiempo Libre de Vallecas). Content writing supported by: INJUVE (Spanish Institute for Youth) and the General Directorate for Youth and Sports of the

in the context of

From 16th to 21th of June 2013, the International Seminar "EVS gave me a Job!" took place. This seminar was supported by Youth in Action Program, inside the Action 4.3. The project was developed in Cercedilla (Madrid), also with the support of the Madrid

The tool has been experimented in

This Learning Notebook is given to the EVS Volunteers in the On-Arrival Trainings for EVS Volunteers organized by the Spanish National Agency since November 2013

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Patricia Eguía Mayor (on 28 July 2015)

and last modified

12 July 2015

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