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Evaluation Gesturemeter

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An easy-to-make and quick evaluation session for any type of activity that does not require any materials. Participants just make 3 types of gestures.

Aims of the tool

To make a quick and funny evaluation of any type of activity in a big group, making visible the statistics of opinions to the whole group of participants.

Description of the tool

1. Ask all participants to make a circle, so that they see each other.
2. Explain the rules of 3 types of gestures:
1) yes-I agree-I like: participant has to put both palms together in front of him/her, as in a prayer, and bow his/her head up and down, simultaneously moving also the hands (as expressing gratitude);
2) no-I don't agree-I don't like: putting up and shaking quickly from left to right the forefinger of the right hand (as threatening or rejecting);
3) so-so-not sure: open both palms and hold them up on the level of the neck, directing to the opposite sides from the face, as if supporting the face, and shake the head quickly from left to right.
3. Say one by one various statements or the aspects to evaluate, giving some time after each, so that each person in the whole group can show his/her attitude by the respective gesture.


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TC "Forever Young", Daugavpils, Latvia, January 2020

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Kristina Castronovo (on 27 August 2020)

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23 March 2020

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