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Evaluation and Reporting Tools for training courses

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To provide trainers, organisers and related stakeholders of the course with the evidence based evaluation results.
1. To collect data for the evaluation of the educational impact of training course based on participants' self-perception;
2. To collect data for the evaluation of the quality of preparation and organisation of training course from participants' perspective;
3. To analyse collected data and prepare the report of the training course

Description of the tool

1. Trainer introduces questionnaires and evaluation forms by explaining the porpuse of evaluation.
2. Training team types in data from the evaluation questionnaires and forms and makes analasys of it.
3. Report trainer finalise the report of the training course.
There are attached the following documents and tools:
- Background document "Developing a New Evaluation Approach for the National Agencies’ Network Training Courses. OUTCOME REPORT"
- Template of the Questionnaire and Evaluation Form (specifically adapted for BiTriMulti training course)
- Excel Questionnaire Analisys Tool (sepcifically adapted for BiTriMulti training course)
- Report Template (sepcifically adapted for BiTriMulti training course)


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Participants of the training course. Organisers and related stakeholders.

and addresses


It is recommended for use in:

Action 4.3 (Training and Networking)

Materials needed:

Printed questionnaires, evaluation forms, computer


20 min. to introduce and facilitate the process of filling in the questionnaires and evaluation forms. 1-1,5 hours for team evaluation at the end of the course to type in and analyse the data 4 hours for the report trainer to prepare the final report

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

in the context of

Training courses

The tool has been experimented in

Networking course BiTriMulti

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Nerijus Kriauciunas (on 13 January 2011)

and last modified

13 January 2011

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