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Simulation Exercise

Europe Game

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This is a tool that helps the participants create their own small community, with the rules, laws and internal institutions. They work as a community to face obstacles and to understand better the why and how of the EU.

Aims of the tool

*Learn in a practical way the basics of the functioning of a country and of the European Union, democratic processes and international relations
*Stimulate teamwork and communication competences
*Encourage creativity

Description of the tool

Step by step process:
Ep.1 Each team designs their "Island Country". Design not just the physical space arrangement, but the teams have to decide:
1. Three "national treasures" that are physical or immaterial
2. A brief description of the people
3. A set of three laws that define the country
4. One thing that is missing in the country (whether physical or immaterial)

Ep.2 After the presentations and the "diplomatic" exhibition of the countries, through 1/2 representatives elected for each group, each country will find the way to get something from one or more of the other countries in the most profitable way. Teams must also find infrastructure solutions to gain access to such products (roads, airports, etc.) and use available materials.

Ep. 3 The facilitator observes how the whole "Union" is evolving. After that, the facilitator introduces an event that affects / destroys / produces difficulties (natural disaster, socio-economic crisis, disappearance of a certain thing etc.) or one of the country's national treasures in order to destabilize and see how the teams repair situations.

Undergoing the experience, participants can better understand the European Union's way of functioning and its importance for each one. The stimulation of active citizenship and responsible European citizens is followed, as the awareness of being a part of mechanism has increased.


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Tool overview

This tool is for

Minimum 4 teams of 5 person each.

and addresses

European Citizenship

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

1 page of flipchart or similar size paper,
glue, scissors, markers of various colors, adhesive tape, A4 colored paper, and also include all or some of the following items: straps, child locks, lego pieces, figurines, toy car, old PC mouse etc. Any small object that can be reused and not thrown away.


Whole process 45 min - 90 min, depending on group dynamics

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Cosmin Saic

in the context of

"Cool European Citizen" Erasmus+ Youth mobility

The tool has been experimented in

Experimented and improved in 3 different Youth Exchange projects

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Cosmin Saic (on 2 August 2017)

and last modified

23 June 2017

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