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Equal Start. Trainers' Guide for Entrepreneurial Education

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“Equal Start. Trainers’ Guide for Entrepreneurial Education” is a Manual for youth workers, peer to peer educators, community leaders who look to promote entrepreneurship as a means to social inclusion and women empowerment.

Aims of the tool

To promote entrepreneurship as a means to social inclusion and women empowerment.

Description of the tool

The Manual was developed by Fora Hvidovre and InterCollege ApS (Denmark) through a capacity building project under Erasmus+ programme, with partner organisation in India, Nepal and Cambodia.

The manual has been developed to target marginalised women. It is designed assuming that some of the beneficiary might be illiterate. Obviously, the content of the manual can be used in many other settings and for other target groups.

The manual consists of five chapters, as follows:
- Chapter 1: Women Entrepreneurship - Local Context: Gives an account on the specific status of marginalised women in Denmark, Nepal, Cambodia and India, partner countries in this project.

- Chapter 2: Training Module: Gives the trainer an inspiration for a five day training program fit for the target group. The Training Module covers such
subjects as:
• Introduction to Business
• Generation of Business Ideas and their analysis
• Business Model Canvas
• Pitching
• Marketing, including prices and communication
• Financial Management, including budgeting and simple book-keeping

- Chapter 3: Non-Formal Education Methods and Tools: Offers eleven non-formal education methods and tools, fit for the target group. The methods were designed to:
• Support reflection on personal potential
• Support reflection on the type business the participants would like to have
• Support the participants to generate a business idea
• Build participants’ capacity to overcome the fear of failure
• Build participants’ capacity to overcome stereotypes, social obstacles when
engaging in a entrepreneurial venture


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Tool overview

Equal Start. Trainers' Guide for Entrepreneurial Education

This tool is for

Youth Workers, Youth Leaders, peer to peer educators etc.

and addresses

Social Inclusion

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Fora Hvidovre

in the context of

Capacity Building Project, "Equal Start", Erasmus+ programme"

The tool has been experimented in

Training Courses with marginalised young women

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Ana Vieru (on 15 October 2019)

and last modified

10 October 2019

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