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Energiser "Wolfy"

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energizer based on a fairy tale of wolf, sheep and hunter. Easy to play and helps to make a good mood in a group

Aims of the tool

Energizer for worming up and group building content

Description of the tool

There was a great big wolf who liked to eat a lot of food. He usually would get hungry very easily and would never be happy with any kind of food he had. One day he realized that he wanted to get some “international meal” and decided to go down by Bakuriani Forrest, where all kind of tasty sheep were gathered. It wasn't easy to get it because sheep were not alone; there were several invisible hunters to protect the sheep.

Everyone makes a circle, afterwards a person is chosen to be the wolf and he/she stands in the middle of the circle. The wolf closes his eyes and 3 hunters are needed to be chosen under complete silence. The rest of the participants are the sheep. The purpose of the game is for the wolf to steal all the sheep and not getting caught by the hunter.
While everybody is singing and moving in the circle, the wolf steals the sheep by pointing at them. Meanwhile the hunter is trying to get them back in the circle by touching them on the shoulder in way that wolf do not see the hunter getting back the sheep. Otherwise the hunter will be caught and will become sheep, and in the same time the sheep don’t stop singing and will follow the wolf.
And if the wolf tries to steal the hunter they will decide a winner by rock-paper-scissors. If the wolf wins, the game goes on, and the hunter becomes a sheep.
If the hunter wins the game is over. (You can start all over again)

Lyrics for the sheep…

Who is afraid of big bad wolf?
Big bad wolf, big bad wolf
Who is afraid of big bad wolf?
Big bad wolf, big bad wolf
My darling

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Tool overview

This tool addresses

Group Dynamics

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Participants of PBA: "Youth Exchanges- Welcome!"

in the context of

Young people of "Youth Exchanges-Welcome"

The tool has been experimented in

Partnership Building Activity

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Lela Topuria (on 30 January 2013)

and last modified

23 January 2013

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