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Empowering Minorities through Theatre Toolbox

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This toolbox contains the description of theatre methodology of empowering minorities, descriptions of excercises, games and other activities used during our "Empowering Minorities through Theatre" Erasmus+ training of youth workers.

Aims of the tool

By publishing this toolbox, we want other youth workers to benefit from our experience.
Our EMT project (as well as the toolbox) provides the activities which aim at:
1) increasing the ability of youth workers to address the needs of the disadvantaged,
2) increasing motivation and satisfaction in their daily work with youth,
3) developing new methods of work with minorities, especially through theatre techniques,
4) raising youth workers' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts.

Description of the tool

EMT (Empowering Minorities through Theatre) was a training course for youth workers from 6 countries – Poland, Palestine, Ukraine, Jordan, Italy and Latvia. It took place in Grzybowo (Poland), between 3.12.2018-11.12.2018 (+2 travel days).
During this youth workers' gathering, 26 youth workers form Poland, Palestine, Jordan, Italy, Ukraine and Latvia (3-11.12.2018 /+ 2 travel days), have tested different theatre models that could help in empowering minorities and facilitate their full integration within their societies. The coordinating organization of the EMT project was ADRA Polska and the partner organisations were: - LUNEnuove Cooperativa Sociale from Italy, - Generation of Changes from Ukraine, - Yes Theatre from Palestine, - Bait Al-Hikmah Foundation for Youth from Jordan, - THEATER STUDIO YORICK from Latvia.
This toolbox contains the following information, excercises and activities scenarios:
1) Poject background,
2) Methodology of the whole EMT project,
3) Youtube links to EMT videos,
4) Getting-to-know each other: Memory Game,
5) Group-building: Mission Impossible,
6) Inclusion exercisesImportant concepts: Minorities and people from disadvantaged backgrounds,
7) Actor training: freeing the body and contact,
8) Drama Games based on object theater and role playing,
9) Challenges of being a youth worker part 1 (problems),
10) Challenges of being a youth worker part 2 (success stories),
11) Examples of the Energizers,
12) Shapes of tolerance,
13) Stereotypes – Q&A game,
14) Improvisation theater – the power of imagination, not limitation“,
15) Open up your heart and mind” - Stanislavsky method,
16) Experience of working with refugeesLabelling ourselves workshop,
17) Hello, my name is streetworking,
18) Language of body,
19) How to use photography to bring attention to the problems of minorities,
20) Designing an advocacy campaign.

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Tool overview

Empowering Minorities through Theatre Toolbox

This tool addresses

Social Inclusion, Disability, Group Dynamics, Intercultural Learning, Personal Development

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

The needed materials are described inside the toolbox, prescribed to specific activities and their scenarios.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

The participants of the EMT Erasmus+ training.

in the context of

Our EMT toolbox was created during the "Empowering Minorities through Theatre" Erasmus+ training for youth workers which took place in Poland in 2018.

The tool has been experimented in

During the EMT Training, during the visit in the local highschool in Poland and during the follow-up activities in all 6 participating organizations and their countries.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Magda Matuszewska (on 27 August 2019)

and last modified

18 March 2019

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