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Embodied Change

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Set of visual and text cards made for educators who would like to focus more on the body in the educational process, using the body as a tool, both for learning and for creative expression.

Aims of the tool

To introduce professionals working in the fields of youth and education with embodied approaches and methods to learning.

Description of the tool

This toolkit was created within a strategic partnership project called Embodied Change, basing on ideas and experience of the participants and trainers in different project activities. The toolkit has been designed for all kind of educators, including facilitators of non-formal and experiential learning, teachers, youth workers, coaches and mentors, who would like to focus more on the body in the educational process, using the body as a tool, both for learning and for creative expression.

The exercises in this toolkit have been tested in international, residential, non-formal learning programs, engaging young people from ages 18 to 30. You can use this toolkit also for your own personal and professional development, exploring how improving connection to and awareness of your body can help you to master various professional challenges better.

The methods offered in this toolkit are related to
different competence areas. Some are designed to boost imagination and creative expression, and some can be integrated in entrepreneurship or social and emotional skills training. Some of the activities aim to increase body awareness, others are simple ice breakers or team builders, while some can be transformed into a series of events.

In this toolkit, you will find also a brief introduction to embodied learning and its main principles, advantages and related risks.


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Tool overview

Embodied Change

This tool addresses

Personal Development

Materials needed:

This tool has been designed as a set of cards - there is an image on one side and text on another side. You're welcome to contact us to check if hard copies are still available.

You can also print your own copy using the materials provided.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Inese Priedite, Mara Skuja, Jurijs Tatarkins and Lelde Zena, association Room of Fulfilled Dreams

in the context of

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Inese Minsi (on 6 January 2020)

and last modified

13 December 2019

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