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Simulation Exercise, Group Building Activity

Doom Express - embracing failure

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Simulation exercise based on escape rooms and role-playing games helps to deal with failure, boost adaptability and resilience.

Aims of the tool

- stress management
- crisis management
- dealing with failure
- boosting resilience and adaptability

Description of the tool

Created during the Design Thinking process on "Compos Mentis - inclusion and mental well-being in youth projects TC during", The Doom Express is an exercise focused on raising awareness of dealing with failure and challenges which compromise our mental health. Participants are solving quests in four different 'train compartments' in a very short time before the train reaches the destroyed bridge. Based on escape rooms, simulation and role-playing give lots of opportunities to creatively cooperate and observe group dynamics. In the debriefing phase it is discussed how do we deal with failure, adaptability, and resilience.
If you are interested in more tools about mental health, group dynamics, design thinking, forum theater, and other creative tools check out Compos Mentis padlet -

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Tool overview

Doom Express - embracing failure

This tool is for

youth, youth workers, trainers, facilitators

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Personal Development, Conflict Management

Materials needed:

- at least 3 different rooms
- printed riddles and quests
- Tarot card deck
- Black stories cards or other detective mysteries
- loudspeaker and music playlist with waltzes for Dancing Mad Lady (additionally masks, but not obligatory)
- count down clock (can be on phone or from alaptop


1,5 h
30-40 participants
10 minutes introduction
40 minutes exercise
30 minutes debriefing

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Nausika Educational Foundation

in the context of

Compos Mentis - inclusion and mental health in youth projects

The tool has been experimented in


The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Patrycja Paula Gas (on 8 January 2022)

and last modified

5 January 2022

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