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''Discover the leader in me '' - ''Sharing my passion''

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The tool aims to spread the use of different TED styles presentations within youth work and trainings and to enable participants skills in elaborating on different topics. It can be fit to diverse group of topics according the theme of TC.

Aims of the tool

to learn new techniques for making presentations; to acquire more confidence in public presentation; to get to know more on the participants' leadership attitudes/skills ; to find common interests and bring different groups of interests.

Description of the tool

- Start the session with а presentation - fit it according to your topic - you can use presentations in small format as opening the session. After that ask if the participants if they know the format TED and Show data on the different countries - ask what is going on on this level; Open the floor ad ask participants if they have been part of such events - local one, featured to specific topics.

- Introduce different styles and presentations of TED
- Give tasks and instructions on making a TED format presentations i.e. here you can be inspired by explored models of presentations and story telling (
- You can also give brief presentation of PhotoVoice project - one picture to show
- Divide the participants in advance in groups- from the very beginning to be introduced for this task so called peers groups
- Give about 1 hour for preparation- and how long it will last depends from your group number , but is essentual to give participants enough time for preparation.
- Organize the room/hall during the preparation of participants - you can make posters , to arrange the hall as to resemble classic TED hall as participants to initiate.
- Presentations of participants in groups within limited time.


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Tool overview

''Discover the leader in me '' - ''Sharing my passion''

This tool addresses

Group Dynamics, Networking and Follow-up

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Print 8th style presentations on TED for all groups,download presentations, multimedia,


2 hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Nataliya Nikolova

in the context of


The tool has been experimented in

Training course - 18-26.5 2018 (AURANGABAD, INDIA

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Nataliya Nikolova (on 4 February 2019)

and last modified

21 December 2018

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