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Digital Storytelling for Youth Mental Health - Educational resources for youth workers

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The manual and toolkit is a capacity building tool for youth workers in supporting youngsters to handle challenges and improve their resilience with digital storytelling.

Aims of the tool

- To develop youth workers' competences in using digital storytelling as a capacity-building tool.
- To provide youth workers with specific digital storytelling tools and methods, appropriate for empowering young people to cope with the pandemic, allowing young people to build resilience in their communities, and assisting young people in sharing
and learning from others' experience.
- Assist youth workers in arranging activities with young people utilizing the proposed methods, providing them with activity plans, exercises, and accompanying materials to support young people's
learning process.

Description of the tool

Covering the needs of youth workers and young people based on surveys and interviews. The method produce tools and techniques from gathered data which will be then translated into educational modules. The educational program provides youth workers with the essential knowledge about applying the digital storytelling approach in non-formal education activities targeted to youth and its usage as a capacity-building tool to handle challenges and improve resilience. The program give youth workers direction on which digital storytelling methods are most successful when applied as a capacity-building tool, encompass a range of activities targeted at youth, and offer examples of achieved effects.

The manual contains theoretical information, while the toolkit offers concrete practical exercises and activities can be implemented with young people.

The e-learning course offers the knowledge of the manual in a modern, interactive way:

The video tutorials provide quick introduction and basic information to go deeper into the topic of mental health awareness with digital storytelling:


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Tool overview

Digital Storytelling for Youth Mental Health - Educational resources for youth workers

This tool is for

Youth workers, teachers, trainers, facilitators

and addresses

Personal Development, Peer education

Behind the tool

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Csenge Kolozsvári (on 18 June 2024)

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30 May 2024

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