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#DigiMedia Volunteering Activities

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This tool is in fact a Magazine which resulted after the implementation of the #DigiMedia ESC long term volunteering project. It includes
workshops, webinars, contests and other activities organized during the project period.

Aims of the tool

This tools is to present the activities carried out during our project, with an outlook and hints on how to apply it in other projects. For each activity, you are given the scope, time, target group, materials, facilitation steps and lessons learnt during the implementation.

Description of the tool

The Magazine was developed in the #DigiMedia ESC volunteering Project.

The project aimed at having an open-mind community that value the ICT tools for responsible use of digital media, taking advantages of the European cooperation and with the support of volunteers’ activities.

Project topics: digital media, creativity, social media, web design, online learning, critical thinking

The Magazine is an expression of everything that took place in the project and includes:
- About project and participants
- Discover yourself - Teambuilding workshop
- Social Media & Creative thinking - Webinar
- Social Media Behavior - Workshop
- Instagram Meme - Online contest
- Web design for youth engagement - Web design activities
- Design Moodle courses - Online course design
- Our partners

All our activities are practical, result-oriented and created on the basis of integrated approach to gain the best outcomes and reach the goals. On successful completion of the activity, the participants were able to:
• prepare the learning materials for non-formal learning for different groups of youth
• do weekly analysis for the volunteering activities
• use ICT in youth work
• create viral online campaigns relating to youth work
• design learning materials for creative thinking development
• illustrate the importance of young people participation in social activities
• use creativity and joy while doing your tasks, thus adding more value to the cause.
• use intercultural and language skills for better communication and understanding others

If you want to submit a project proposal or to implement an ESC volunteering project, this Magazine will equip you with a practical example on how we did activities and with the methodology to do them yourself, based on our experience.


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Tool overview

#DigiMedia Volunteering Activities

This tool is for

Young participants, 18-29 years old

and addresses

Voluntary Service, Personal Development, Peer education

It is recommended for use in:

European Voluntary Service

Materials needed:

The materials required were included in the Magazine, for each activity.


Most activities presented in the Magazine last for 1 hour. However, the preparation takes much longer and some of the activities are related to designing web pages and online learning platforms, which is an ongoing process.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Association TEAM4Excellence

in the context of

#DigiMedia ESC long term volunteering project

The tool has been experimented in

During #DigiMedia ESC long term volunteering project

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Ovidiu Acomi (on 19 October 2020)

and last modified

19 October 2020

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