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Exercise, Group Building Activity

did you get my fax

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its a game is showing the importance if correct and clear communication between partners and important of insisting to send and receive correct message

Aims of the tool

1- strength the concepts of communication between partners effectively
2- team building and time management

Description of the tool

1- we divide the participants for groups, optimal size is 5-7 participants for each ,and then ask them to make parallel lines of chairs and then each group sit in its line
2- we give the first participant from each line paper and marker
3- during that we will declare its not allow to speak with any one around you
4- we explain the mission which is " the last one in each line have a fax which is draw i show it to him separately, and must send it to the first one who represent the fax printer , he dont have any tools except the back of the one who is in front of him in the same line which is screen to him and he can draw and write anything ,when he finish he touch his shoulder like sent ,in case the one infront didnt get the fax correctly he can shake his shoulder thats mean resend it again , if everything is clear he start drawing what did he get in the back of the one who is infront of him and so on , the first one in the line who have the paper and marker will reflect this draw in paper
when he finish will close the paper and run to see second draw to start second round and so on till everyone get chance to sit in first chair and draw
(we can make it one round if there are limit time , but in case there are more round then we have to count the time )
5- after that we start showing the Faxes to the last one in the line who start drawing ,is this your fax
(in case more than one round we show other faxes and mention how many times each line spent to send this faxes )
after that we start debriefing , like "what did you felt when you get fax and send it , your feeling when your fax are received incorrectly , and so on


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Tool overview

did you get my fax

This tool is for

youth worker ,youth leaders, youth exchanges

and addresses

EuroMed, Project Management, Networking and Follow-up

It is recommended for use in:

Action 3.1 (Cooperation with the Neighbouring Partner Countries)
Action 4.3 (Training and Networking)

Materials needed:

chairs , papers, marker


between 20 min to 30 min depend on one round or more

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Raed Gharib

The tool has been experimented in

our white sea V Malta , particip8 Spain

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

raed ghraib (on 14 January 2014)

and last modified

19 October 2013

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