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Design Yourself Educational Model

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This publication reveals the power of self-expression of youth through manually created own clothing style, introduces “know-how” (methods, tools) to create an environment which connects hand-makers with learners and it invites to join the DY platform.

Aims of the tool

1.To provide educators (youth workers, creative handcrafte, trainers) with guidance, recommendations and inspiration to successfully introduce Design Yourself process into their environment: how to make research, how to integrate successfully Design Yourself with learning; how to be a master, how to be a learner, how to create a supporting learning environment, etc.
2. To share the story of practice in learning, mastering and creating in Design Yourself test phase in Poland and Germany.
3. To invite any learner, master, youth worker, trainer interested in active participation in mutual development through self-expression in cloth design to contribute to the development of this tool to join Design Yourself initaitve

Description of the tool

This publication describes the environment which connects individual artists and hand-makers with learners. Ateliers become places of personal development. Learners become creators of their own life. Hand-makers gain new role in the society- the role of educators and ones who give power to self-directed social change. You are invited to take a journey into self-expression, handcraft, cloth design and insight - where you may meet masters, learners and discover inspiring places. You are also one of those characters and you also arrange the space of inspiration. Choose by yourself where this path leads. You may also visit our online ressources like learning paths tool at: or the community of masters and learner at:


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Tool overview

Design Yourself Educational Model

This tool is for

Design Yourself Eduactional Model is open for any learner, master, youth worker, trainer interested in development through self-expression in cloth design.While reading you can take both perspectives: of a learner and a master. LEARNER-as the one who develops, learns. MASTER -as the one who knows how to create manually parts of cloths or accessories and cares about the environment for development of the others.

and addresses

Youth Initiatives, Networking and Follow-up, Personal Development, Peer education

It is recommended for use in:

Strategic Partnerships

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Arte Ego Foundation and GrenzKultur Cabuwazi. Open Educational Resources (OER)

in the context of

Strategic Partnerships, Erasmus + Youth

The tool has been experimented in

Design Yourself Test Phase

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Marta Brzezińska-Hubert (on 10 July 2016)

and last modified

4 April 2016

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