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CoOp Ready Tools for Fundraising for Youth Organizations

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The CoOp Ready Tools for Fundraising include working templates, models, steps that youth organizations could use in developing their fundraising activities. The CoOp partners also prepared comprehensive explanations on how to use the tools presented.

Aims of the tool

The ready tools for fundraising from SMEs aim to help youth organizations in improving their fundraising activities from SMEs, at two levels: planning and implementing some fundraising activities.

Description of the tool

CoOp partners developed the CoOp Ready Tools for Fundraising for Youth Organizations which include the following tools:
1. The case statement template
2. Needs Assessment Part 1 - Identifying The Gaps
3. Needs Assessment Part 2 - Defining The Ask
4. The fundraising mix template
5. List of prospects template
6. The donor profile model
7. Project proposal template
8. Communication plan for an event
9. Ten ideas on building relationships with your business supporters
10. Special events recipe
11. Steps to design an employee volunteer program
12. Steps to organize an internship program for young people in partnership with SMEs
13. Solicitation letters
14. The Story Map
15. Business Model Canvas
16. Report to your sponsor - model
17. A good first meeting with an SME scenario
18. Online resources on fundraising and on how a fundraiser/youth worker/NGO staff should prepare for the first meeting with a potential sponsor/donor from a SME
19. Online resources on how to build relationships with your donors.


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Tool overview

CoOp Ready Tools for Fundraising for Youth Organizations

This tool is for

Youth workers and youth organizations from Europe.

and addresses

Organisational Management

It is recommended for use in:

Strategic Partnerships

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Norsensus Mediaforum, Youth Work Ireland, Asset Tec, Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie, Fundatia Danis

in the context of

The ready tools for fundraising for youth organizations were developed within the framework of Cooperate to Operate – bringing together youth organizations and SMEs through corporate social responsibility (CoOp) project.

The tool has been experimented in

Training Course

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Paula-Mariana Beudean (on 26 September 2019)

and last modified

23 September 2019

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