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Exercise, Video

Check the Fake

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How to differentiate fake news from true, what to believe or not, how to use critical thinking to judge the news. Find web-pages where participant can check the news and original source of the news if it is reliable or not.

Aims of the tool

To teach participants how to check information and realize why media literacy and critical thinking is important in nowadays world.

Description of the tool

Step-by-step instruction
1- introduction to the topic (15 min).
- Do you follow news? What kind of?
- Where do you get your news (sources)?
- Do you trust / check this sources?
- Have you ever had a feeling that the article is fake? Do you check it? How? Where?
2 - show the Media Literacy video (!AjOgchk-HkPOi3IeMc23HL6e4R12?e=LoRR7R) (10 min).
3 - Discuss with participants what they learnt from this video? (5 min)
4 - Introduce some sites and tools (15 min)
-show them how to differentiate if the picture of the article is fake or noտ. Uploading the photo to "Google image" to see the original source and if it's related to the article.
-Show them some sites to check the article (f.i.
5 - give them exercises to check some article/photos if they are fake or not (work in groups 3-5 person per group) (10 min).
6-Share the group work results about the exercise and discuss (15 min).


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Tool overview

Check the Fake

This tool is for

Youth (16 - 30) / youth worker / trainer

and addresses

Personal Development, Conflict Management, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Projector; Markers; Papers; Space for the workshop; Laptops; Flipcharts; Notebooks and pens; Internet.


70 minutes

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Mari Gelashvili, KesoBigvava, ThaerSkheir, Giorgi Tchanturidze, Ira Forostyanko, Akram Soliman

in the context of

DocuSpeech against Hate Speech project (2018, Luxembourg)

The tool has been experimented in

Georgia, Droni NGO

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Seg Kirakossian (on 26 September 2019)

and last modified

19 September 2019

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