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Building CITYzenship

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For participants to understand how to work on (European) citizenship with young people during their participation in Youth Exchange projects; to get information about other activities which are possible under Action 1.

Description of the tool

The session was developed during the several multilateral training courses for newcomers in Youth Exchanges - BiTriMulti.
1. Invite people to form gender and culturally mixed pairs. Each pair has a task to design together a house of their dreams. (10-15 min.)
2. Invite all the group together around the empty paper "territory" (the size of the paper should be almost enough for all houses but not too much). The task for a group is to design together a city of their dreams. (20-30 min.) While group is working facilitator takes notes on the process - which issues is discussed and what processes is going on.
3. Reflect with the group on their feeling along task and what links do they see with citizenship (10-15).
4. Facilitator feedback on the group observations making links with possibilities for citizenship education during Youth Exchanges (mostly awareness raising)
5. If time allows it is good to share information and make links with other opportunities available with Youth in Action


  • If you run this activity it is possible to focus on a specific issues within citizenship education. Through the reflection questions it is possible to address participation or cultural diversity issues. Also if you add few simple exercises you may emphasis certain issues too.

    Nerijus Kriauciunas , 18 January 2008 11:39:47

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Tool overview

This tool is for

up to 15 people

and addresses

European Citizenship

Materials needed:

large sheets of paper (flip chart paper glued or other kind), enough colorful markers or crayons, A4 paper (can be colorful), glue any other creative material


1-1,5 hours

Behind the tool

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The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Nerijus Kriauciunas (on 18 January 2008)

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17 December 2008

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