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BooStress eLearning Platform & App: Dealing with work-related stress

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Suffering from increased stress in your workplace? Through the BooStress online platform (available in English, Greek and Spanish), you will develop your stress management skills and build up your capacity to address relevant challenges in the workplace.

Aims of the tool

“Boosting the skills of youth to deal with stress at work” (or BooStress) is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, coordinated by the research centre CARDET, and and developed a vocational training package to equip current and prospective young workers with stress management skills, in the context of health and safety framework, and build up their capacity to address relevant challenges in their work environment. The BooStress Online Training Course features 4 online modules:
1. Identify stressors and access of associated risks for work-related stress
2. Understanding your stressors, developing coping strategies and identifying your training needs
3. Recognize the need for comprehensive approach to prevent or address work-related stress problems
4. Implementation of coping responses based on individual needs

Description of the tool

The BooStress training package is based on eLearning pedagogies, work-based online learning, case studies, real market scenarios and collaboration. The full training course is in English and is available for free, while selected online material will also become available in Greek and Spanish by mid-summer 2019.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:
- Have an overview of different areas of work related stress
- Identify where personal work-related stress derives from and the need for action
- Identify responsible structures/persons, self-responsibility to be able to create change; check their work regarding physical and psychical health
- Identify which stressors can be changed by themselves and which ones are related to organisational structures
- Understand the signs and symptoms of their own stressors
- Develop their own coping techniques to manage their personal stress and strategies to overcome work-place stress
- Recognize the need in order to develop a comprehensive approach to prevent or address problems deriving for stress at work.
- Enhance skills of positive behavior adaptation addressing the negative effects of stress at work

You can access the eLearning platform here:


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Tool overview

BooStress eLearning Platform & App: Dealing with work-related stress

This tool is for

young professionals, youth, young workers, youth workers, trainers, Human Resources officers and managers

and addresses

Personal Development

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Internet connection & mobile phone or tablet or PC or laptop with any internet browser (for access through website; for app, no internet connection is required but material need to be downloaded beforehand)


The total duration of the 4 modules of the Training Course is equivalent to approx. 20 hours with additional audio-visual and reading resources equivalent to at least 40 hours.

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

CARDET, Association Caminos and Future in Perspective

in the context of

As part of the Erasmus+ project "Boosting the skills of youth to deal with stress at work" (project no. 2017-2-CY02-KA205-001073)

The tool has been experimented in

Usability testing (March-May 2019), Learning and Training Activity implemented in Cyprus (Oct. 2019)

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Charalambos Stergiou (on 1 December 2019)

and last modified

29 October 2019

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