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Booklet to work on female rights - "Wonder Women"

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This e-booklet summarizes the activities of training course for youth workers on women rights. The tools mentioned in the guidebook can be used for replicating project activities abroad.

Aims of the tool

Help youth organisations provide training to their youth workers on the topic of female rights.

Description of the tool

Generally, the participants have acquired and improved a number of skills and competencies required for the creation, promotion and support of initiatives aimed at women empowerment and gender equality. To do that they first analysed gender issues on a global, European and national level in depth and thus understood their target audience better. Then, they have learned how to share good practices of women empowerment with others and created follow-up initiatives on that. Most importantly, they have understood their role in how to get involved in women empowerment through their work with youth. Specifically, they have learned how to support women’s rights through social campaigns and sports initiatives. With this in mind, they also have found means on how to fund such activities. Of course, participants have learned (and developed themselves) new NFE methods for women empowerment. Lastly, youth workers have learned how to raise public awareness on the issue to other NGOs and the public (by creating social media campaigns). All of this gave them neccessary information on how to run initiatives for women empowerment in their local communities.This included: their understanding of the key organizational things, including vision and mission, values, long-term strategy, marketing, public relations, budget and financing. Participants have put the knowledge into practice after the training while implementing these initiatives within their NGOs.

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Tool overview

Booklet to work on female rights - "Wonder Women"

This tool is for

Youth workers interested in working on the topic of female rights with youth

and addresses

Project Management, Gender issues

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking

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Training Course "Wonder Women"

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Gediminas Kondrackis (on 11 August 2019)

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20 February 2019

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