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Exercise, Group Building Activity

Blind director

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This activity takes the principles of teambuilding and coaching and brings them together with media.

Aims of the tool

- To take common decision and create a team spirit in the group
- To experience limitations and find creative solutions
- To help and listen to each other
- To work on settings and details

Description of the tool

The group is divided in smaller groups (4/5 people) and each person has a different role:

•Director: The Director is the one deciding the topic of the picture, the settings, costumes etc. but he/she ’s blindfolded and is not allowed to do anything physically.

•Photographer: The Photographer is the one manually shooting the picture, he/she is has to follow strictly the instructions of the Director.

•Actor(s): The Actor is the one appearing in the photo, can be one or more, he/she is has to follow strictly the instructions of the Director.

•Assistant(s): The Assistant take care of the settings and costumes, he/she is has to follow strictly the instructions of the Director.

This activity is designed that everybody in the group experience the different roles, but if you haven’t enough time is also ok to do it only once.

During the debriefing it’s important to focus on how did they decide the roles in the team, how did the director coped with his/her limitation, if and when he/she felt the support of the others. While for the other roles they can share about how was to just follow instructions and if they felt part of the team.


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Tool overview

Blind director

This tool is for

Youngsters, adults.

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Personal Development, Organisational Management

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Projector, One camera each group, Tripods.


1 hour 30 minutes

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Luca Paolisso

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Luca Paolisso (on 8 May 2015)

and last modified

2 May 2015

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