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Awesome Volunteering Game

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"Awesome Volunteering Game" is a role-play game aimed at promoting volunteering as an answer to challenges in the society. Its target group are young people and it is to be played by min of 8 and max of 20 players. It is based on the concept of "Mafia".

Aims of the tool

The purpose of the game is: to raise awareness about the links in the society, to generate discussions related to a particular topic, to build team-working skills and to develop knowledge towards volunteering’ skills.

Description of the tool

"Awesome Volunteering Game" is a role-play game aimed at promoting volunteering as an answer to challenges in the society. Its target group are young people and it is to be played by min of 8 and max of 20 players. It is based on the concept of "Mafia".

- "Awesome Volunteering Game" cards
- Materials or cards for building the city in the middle of circle of players

You, guys, represent a city. Like every single city you want social and personal advances and development. For this reason you have to fight for your town, for your rights, against the bad shadows which appear daily into our lives. They are bullies who suppress the liberties of the others, big corporations which fight against environment’s health, ignorant people who do not care about social issues, etc. They are the Black Shadows and the main purpose of the game is to discover them and to eliminate them, by voting, as fast as possible.

The game starts with every person picking up a character card. Afterwards, they have to pick up an extra card, representing the good or evil personal side.

But why do they need to spot the black shadows as fast as possible? Because, unlike the other ‘Mafia’ games, this game, besides the player which not literary speaking, represents the town, there is an actual physical town which stands in the middle of the players. This town is composed by: environmental protections, social inclusions, anti-corruption campaigns, and equality ideas. These are the basic principles which generate good-wills and constructive aspects in the modern society. They are going to stand in the middle of you, as four cards. If the black shadows are going to destroy them and steal them all, the town loses, no matter if the black shadows are discovered or not.

The game is particular hard because, unlike the other role-playing games, the town should work together as a real team in order to discover and eliminate the Black Shadows.

The game requires your continuous attention, logical thinking and awareness towards to the existent problems into the society. But why is it a volunteering game? Because the volunteers raise awareness, they are the only players which can fight for their town during the night and they are recruited by the NGOs in order to change the bad aspects of the society and to fight against Black Shadows. You are going to find out that volunteering suggests open-minded people, who talk and fight together for the wealth of the society. Enjoy!


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Tool overview

Awesome Volunteering Game

This tool is for

Target group of "Awesome Volunteering Game" are young people. However, the game can be played by different age groups and it works equally well.

and addresses

Voluntary Service, Personal Development, Youth Participation

Materials needed:

In order to play “Awesome Volunteering Gamer”, you don't need a lot of materials and preparation.
You just need to:
1. print or make different role cards (you can either use design that is available to download in the Instructions or you can make/draw them yourself).
2. Provide materials/cards for building the city.


The game takes between 30 and 60 minutes to play. (depending on the number of players)

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

“Awesome volunteering game” was developed by Adrian Duta and Orjeta Llani , during "EduGaming", Youth in Action training course organised by the Youth Dialogue Programme.

in the context of

"Awesome volunteering game" was developed during "EduGaming", Youth in Action training course for developing educational games, which took place in March 2013 in Serbia, organised by the Youth Dialogue Programme.

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Snežana Bačlija Knoch (on 30 March 2016)

and last modified

7 August 2013

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