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Exercise, Energiser, Ice-breaker, Group Building Activity

“Associations” – the creativity game.

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“Associations” – the creativity game. Part of "Development of Creativity" workshop.

Aims of the tool

To warm-up the participant's minds and body for creative sessions.
To avoid the "Pink Elephant" mind-trap.
To set the positive mood.

Description of the tool

“Associations” – the game.

a. Trainer start the first object (item, phenomenon, concept, etc.)
b. The next participant should come and represent and show the coupled association: subject, phenomenon, concept, etc.
c. The next image should be associated with the previous one. NOT with the first one or some else one – just with the previous one.
d. Participants show and represent their associations and name it shortly. One by one randomly.
e. Participant represents it still.
f. Participant represents it until the next coupled association will come.

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Tool overview

This tool is for

For "Development of creativity" purpose - any type and any age of creative teams; For educational purpose - children and youth. As energizer and ice-breaker

and addresses

Social Inclusion, Youth Initiatives, YOUTH in ACTION (YiA) programme, Intercultural Learning, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking

Materials needed:



5-15 min

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Aliaksej Burnosenka (trainer, trainer for trainers, public speaking, acting and performing expert)

in the context of

"Development of creativity" workshop

The tool has been experimented in

TRIZ sessions, trainings, workshops, creative sessions in IT industry for top-management

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Aliaksej Burnosenka (on 3 June 2015)

and last modified

21 May 2015

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