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Art & Crafts Woodpeckers - Project booklet

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Through Art & Crafts Woodpeckers booklet we summarized the activities and accomplishments of our Youth Exchange and provided general information on how to create ''crafty'' things from reused natural materials.

Aims of the tool

The purpose of our booklet as a tool was to create an input on how to organize and how to participate in ''Craft'' projects though developing sense and skills that will widen competencies used for job seeking and/or self-employment.

Description of the tool

Within the Art & Crafts Woodpeckers YE that was implemented from 19 to 28 June 2019 under Erasmus + KA1 – Learning Mobility of individuals , the PRONI Center for Social education hosted a total of 25 participants from 5 different organizations / countries at the Pirovac Training Center, (CRO). Participants from 5 different countries through their enviable contribution to the development and implementation of the activities, made this meeting of young people and their leaders a unique learning ground, work and socializing experience.

In an effort to develop new abilities through Art & Craft, we have provided participants with the opportunity to acquire special skills through exchange of experience, exchange of customs and practice in the creation of practical facilities for everyday reception using recycled materials available in nature or reuse of already used materials and tools. Keeping this in mind, the goal was certainly to encourage young participants and their leaders to reflect on the exploitation of acquired knowledge and experience for the development of their own or for the benefit of their parent organizations, entrepreneurial initiatives that would bring them additional earnings or savings in terms of satisfying their basic or professional needs.

As an outcome of these activities, we have created a ''Booklet'' that shows the process of YE implementation and it can be used as a guide of how to create practically useful things from preserved and reused materials.


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Tool overview

Art & Crafts Woodpeckers - Project booklet

This tool is for

- Young people, age from 15 to 30. - unemployed young people - NGO representatives

and addresses

Personal Development

It is recommended for use in:

Youth Exchanges

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

PRONI Center for social education

in the context of

''Art & Crafts Woodpeckers'' project

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Igor Kovač (on 16 October 2019)

and last modified

10 October 2019

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