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Simulation Exercise

Along the Way

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How can one face obstacles to achieve one's aim?

Aims of the tool

• Try to express oneself by facing fears and the unknown
• Question one technique to overcome obstacle
• How does it feel to achieve a goal and what is next?
• What is a goal, a dream, a hope and a target?

Description of the tool

•Experiential Learning
•Create a path of Obstacles as shown in the picture
•Participants have to face their fears and pass through the path of obstacles
•They have a dream in their hands that they wrote earlier; at the end of the path there is a target drawn that they have to reach holding their dream to become achieved goal
•Each participant passes individually till they all pass

1-in a group of 3 were pax reflect on what they went through
2- Plenary where all share their reflection and their personal feelings.

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Tool overview

Along the Way

This tool is for

Youth and youth leaders

and addresses

Personal Development

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking
Meetings between young people and decision-makers

Materials needed:

- Pillows, balloons, ropes, stands, people, boxes, empty plastic bottles and any item that can be used as an obstacle
- Room with a space


1 hour & 30 minutes

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Annan Ibrahim Mohamed

in the context of

Be Brave Express Yourself Training Course 2013 Lebanon

The tool has been experimented in

Be Brave Express Yourself Training Course 2013 Lebanon

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Annan Mohamed (on 17 September 2015)

and last modified

17 August 2015

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