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AGORA : Foster intercultural and social dialogue in your community by joining Art, Non-formal education and Social work

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Joining art, non-formal education and social work allows addressing creatively the issue of social and intercultural dialogue. But how can we understand each other, overcome our differences and design together a project that mix our skills and approaches?

Aims of the tool

The synthesis aims at:
- giving a glimpse at the way artists, social workers and people active in non formal education can complement each other in order to address social issues ;
- identifying the issues they are facing when implementing their project and how they can deal with them ;
- providing methods and tools to ensure a positive group dynamic; work on complex issues; evaluate a seminar and personal learning achievements.

Description of the tool

The synthesis includes:

- the detailed program of the AGORA seminar;

- A short presentation of the projects to which participants where introduced to (Les Ateliers-Rencontres, Toulouse - France / Ballaro Buskers, Palermo - Italy / Jutava Ruuhi, Karelia - Finland / The Recycled Creativity Festival, Berlin - Germany)
+ the issues the worked on;
- the methods they used to attempt to solve them;
- propositions theu made in order to overcome the difficulties encountered and/or to improve the project.

- A glimpse of the methods participants used to introduce the others to the projects they have designed during the seminar;

- The most significant tools used during the training to:
o connect the participants together, set up and maintain a positive group dynamic;
o assess the seminar (daily debriefings, intermediary assessments and finale evaluation).

- Fews extras... as food for thought...


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Tool overview

AGORA : Foster intercultural and social dialogue in your community by joining Art, Non-formal education and Social work

This tool is for

Youth and socail workers, artists, trainers, facilitators and educators in non formal education or any person interested in addressing social issues by joining art, social work and non formal education.

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Project Management, Intercultural Learning, Evaluation

Materials needed:




Behind the tool

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Seminar AGORA

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The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Caroline FERRAFIAT (on 17 September 2017)

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15 August 2017

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