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Advocating for inclusive youth policies on municipal level - Handbook for youth organizations

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"Advocating for inclusive youth policies on municipal level - Handbook for youth organizations" is intended to help with development and implementation of public advocacy projects in the field of youth policies at the local/municipal level

Aims of the tool

The handbook can be useful to youth organizations that want to cooperate with partner organizations from other countries using the opportunities of the Erasmus + program on advocating for more inclusive youth policies.
We hereto present an example of a successful approach to this type of project, which you could apply to a lesser or greater extent in your work.
In other words, the goal of the guide is to help you in the process of public advocacy based on the experience in project management by the Consortium, which consists of four partner non-governmental organizations: Association “People’s Parliament” from Serbia, Field of dialogue Foundation from Poland, Crisis simulation for peace (CRISP) from Germany and Association of cultural heritage education in Finland.
The project was a “European Youth Together” initiative of the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programme, implemented from February 1st 2022 to January 31 st 2024.

Description of the tool

What are the values that you attain in this handbook?
-Guidelines regarding the activities we suggest you implement before writing a project proposal;
-Presentation of the essence and necessity of the project as well as possible short-term and long-term goals:
-A description of the chronologically implemented activities with an explanation of why it is important that they should be organized in that order;
-Advices from the Consortium regarding the overall management of the project and its risks, which will save you time and other resources and save you from failure;
-Applied innovations in the realization of project activities.


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Tool overview

Advocating for inclusive youth policies on municipal level - Handbook for youth organizations

This tool is for

Youth organizations and youth workers interested in youth policies

and addresses

Project Management, Youth Participation

It is recommended for use in:

Transnational Youth Initiatives
Meetings between young people and decision-makers

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

Reputacija - public relations, marketing and communications

in the context of

Policing the policies project (ID: 101051116)

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Goran Mitrovic (on 12 February 2024)

and last modified

1 February 2024

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