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Exercise, Group Building Activity

Actionbound Urban Expedition in Weimar

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This expedition aimed at providing personal and group learning experience by exploring urban environment using Actionbound mobile app.

Aims of the tool

1. To provide experience of individual and group journey in urban environment by visiting various places guided with Actionbound mobile app;
2. To create opportunity to explore urban environment and learn about the city, its history, contemporary lifestyles.
3. To support peer learning and exchange of ideas and experiences on the move.

Description of the tool

This expedition was prepared and implemented by using Actionbound mobile application.

During the preparation each spot of the expedition was visited, facilitators took the coordinated and photos and later on created Actionbound on website.

The following creative tasks were included in the original version of this urban expedition. Tasks and activities can be adapted to any urban environment.

1. Find the beautiful view and make a selfie with your team there.
2. Time to find some better rooftops. Follow the arrow below and find the roof of abundant house. Now that you here, record the song "The Roof Is On Fire". (Now you wished Youtube was playing all songs in Germany).
3. Let's get moving. Your next destination will be a tram.
4. Welcome to E-WERK! Explore this territory and find a comfortable place to discuss what activities you would initiate with young people here. Write your ideas.
5. Some animals live in the wild. Other live in houses. Find the Animal House. Find out the previous use of this building. Make a group picture which tells the story of this building.
6. Now time will take you back in history. Find the Big Spirit. Imagine a crowd of 40.000 people gathering in this square. Imagine Weimar in 1927.
7. Time to chillout. Walk to this green area of Weimar. You may want to enjoy music from one of the composers who lived here in Weimar. Crowds across Europe worshiped performances of this person. If you do not know who this person is, try to Shazam.
8. Find the next spot. On your way pay special attention to the buildings and trees around. Find out what is so special about them.
9. Your special task is to get a drink without anyone from your team spending any money. Be courageous and creative (within the German laws). Upload video enjoying your drink.
10. Just pass this place to know where you may want to hang around during one of the evenings. Continue on this path to find another spot.
11. Discover this place and what it can offer for you. Share useful information.
12. "What does not kill us, makes us stronger", Nietzsche. Nietzsche says, "God is dead". We say: "What's ahead?". Think about this abandoned building and how you could use it for youth work activities. Record your ideas for this building.
13. Should you wish, you may go there. We deadly recommend. Your task is to find 7 surnames that have meaning. Explain their meaning here.
14. Now that you experienced being here, share how cemeteries used in your country as public spaces. Write some of the most interesting examples.
15. Find wisdom of Life. There is a quote above your heads. Your task is to ask people in the streets what their life motto is. Write them here.
16. Find free Wi-fi. Watch these Youtube videos and come up with the similar idea to try out in Weimar. Record your results.

Closing message: Congratulations! You managed to complete all of your tasks. Get back to the training venue to upload your results online... Be back not later than 16.00.

Once you will be back, you can collect your badge reward, which will unlock you access to the badge recognition system of this training.

Structure for debriefing:
1. Visuals the route of your Expedition and highlight most important learning moments of your team.
2. In your team, reflect your specific learning experience along these aspects: a) What did you learn about yourself, b) What did you learn about work in teams, c) What did you learn about Expedition as method, d) What did you learn about urban environment.


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Tool overview

Actionbound Urban Expedition in Weimar

This tool is for

Adult learners

and addresses

Group Dynamics, Intercultural Learning, Personal Development, Peer education, Environment

It is recommended for use in:

Training and Networking

Materials needed:

Mobile device capable of GPS tracking and hosting Actionbound App.


4-5 hours

Behind the tool

The tool was created by

NGO Nectarus team

in the context of

Training course "Expedition. Designing Adventures in Urban Environment"

The tool has been experimented in

Training course "Expedition. Designing Adventures in Urban Environment"

The tool was published to the Toolbox by

Nerijus Kriauciunas (on 10 October 2016)

and last modified

2 October 2016

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