Kenya Voluntary Development Association

KVDA is an indigenous, non-political and membership organization which is non-sectarian and non-profit making started in 1962 as a work camp organization registered under the Societies’ Act.

In 1993, KVDA was registered as a Non-Governmental organization by the establishment of the NGOs Coordination Act.

Vision Statement of KVDA: We envisage KVDA as an organization with a large membership working towards the improvement of quality of life of the community.
Mission Statement of KVDA: Mobilizing all-purpose resources to support community development initiatives.

Core Values or Operating Principles
• Promotion of voluntarism.
• Transparency and accountability.
• Participatory evaluation of projects.
• Local community ownership of projects:
• Continuous research and development.
• Regular follow up of projects.
• A learning organization.
• Documentary evidence of processes and events.

Strategic Objectives
• Afford voluntary service opportunities to young people.
• Mobilize communities to action.
• Supplement formal education with experiential learning.
• Create awareness amongst Kenyan communities about development issues.
• Foster global peace, friendship and understanding.
• Mobilizing all-purpose resources to promote grassroots development.

Products and Services
• Work camps and international Voluntary service placements
• Medium and long-term placement of volunteers
• Outbound voluntary service exchange program
• Erasmus Plus Program
• Educational tours.
• Development education and empowerment of communities.
• Enterprise development training.
• Languages teaching i.e. Kiswahili
• Inter-cultural education and use of non-formal education to enhance cultural diversity
• Conference and accommodation facilities, i.e. hospitality.

KVDA has a 54-year history of working to “develop against dependence” while cultivating trust and friendships with volunteers and partner organizations all over the world.

The three mandates of the organization are as follows:

■ The Association shall be a non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious and non-political Association, whose inspiration is the furtherance of peace, friendship, understanding, development, democracy and equality among peoples of different cultures and backgrounds.
■ The Association is dedicated to seeking opportunities for young men and women from diverse national, cultural and educational backgrounds to live, work and share life and experiences in order to improve their world, to provide voluntary services to marginalized communities, to acquire alternative education, to gather information and build international cooperation.
■ The Association is further dedicated to mobilizing resources within and across national borders to support community development initiatives whose aims are to eradicate poverty and human suffering as well as to promote democracy and justice among peoples.

Capacity Building in the field of youth - EAC/S11/13" - Key Action 2 - Erasmus+.-JAMBO Young Women Empowerment to Improve Quality of Youth Work and Volunteering in EU and Partner Countries 2014/15 EAC/S11/13 LUNARIA Italy
ERASMUS + KEY ACTION 2: CAPACITY BUILDING IN THE FIELD OF YOUTH: Gender Equality Through Global Capacity Building (EFC)
2015/16 N.2014-1052/001-001 PINA Slovenia

2015/16 n. 2014-1264 Informa-Giovani Italy

GO_PRO! - Regional Programming Centers 2017/18 581720-EPP-1-2016-2-PL-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA
Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Pozaformalnej "Meritum" [SEP MERITUM]


Volunteer P.A.T.H. - Partnerships Actions and Tools for Heritage
2017 Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service based at UNESCO House Paris France
Volunteering Meets Media : MediAfrica
2016/17 581768-EPP-1-2016-2-FR-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPAL
Solidarités Jeunesses / SJ France


KA2 Permaculture and bioconstruction
2017/18 589717-EPP-1-2017-1-FR-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) based at UNESCO House in Paris France

Activities and experience of the organization

Bright Spots

International Partnerships - KVDA has a long history of successfully partnering with organizations around the world to deliver programs. Successful recent partnerships include CCIVS, successfully implemented 6 Erasmus+ projects funded by the European commission, Implemented Germany Government funded program program “Weltwaerts”, worked with Lunaria Italy on series of EU bilateral projects, and in partnership with the Dobrudzha Agricultural and Business School in Bulgaria implemented Climate change project under Youth in Action program of the EU.

KVDA served on the Executive Committee of the Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) based in Paris France from 2004 and 2012.

This history of successfully partnering and assuming a leadership position with international organizations demonstrates KVDA’s aptitude for working cross culturally.

Network of Past Volunteers - KVDA has worked with thousands of international and Kenyan volunteers over the years since inception in 1962.

Monitoring and Evaluation - KVDA has successfully facilitated programs requiring an intensive evaluation process. This track record of having monitoring and evaluation reflects the tenacity and adherence to value systems.

Homegrown Kenyan Organization - KVDA has built trust among communities in Kenya that support its volunteering cause with the dictum “Development Against Dependence” premised on the emerging challenges within communities to strive towards self-reliance as the motor force of true development.

Self Sufficiency - KVDA has a track record of being a self-sustaining organization

Skills and expertise of key staff/persons.

Our staff has many years of professional experience, organization and participation in providing preparatory visits, job shadowing, work visits, training courses, language courses, study visits, cultural visits, tours, meetings, round tables, workshops, business and professional contacts and work placements in many private and public organizations, for participants and volunteers from many different countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Togo, Senegal, Ghana, Cote d'ivoire, Egypt, Denmark, France, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Nepal, Thailand, Turkey and Russia; among others.

1. Isaac Oneka Munanairi

• He is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization
• He is a Social Scientist with vast experience in the volunteering sector spanning for over 25 years
• He has a wealth of experience on social movements and has served in various capacities in voluntary service organizations with impeccable record that made a difference in the lives of the needy in Society
• His experience has ensured the successful implementation of EU sponsored Youth in Action projects and Erasmus plus program in collaboration with international partners
• He has great exposure on the international stage and served as a member of the Executive committee of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) based in France for a period of 8 years from 2004 to 2012 rising through the ranks to become the Vice President of CCIVS that is renowned global volunteering network.

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Kenya Voluntary Development Association has 11 current projects:

  • Young Women Empowerment to Improve Quality of Youth Work and Volunteering

    Non formal education sector and employability of youth with fewer opportunities and young women.

    We're looking for:
    10 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2018-04-29 till 2020-12-31
    This project can include young people with fewer opportunities.
  • Empowerment against Female Genital Mutilation in South West Kenya

    Early teenage marriages among boys and girls, below the age of 18 years who have not developed physically profoundly stifles gender neutrality to extremes

    We're looking for:
    6 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-01-20 till 2022-12-31
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Training

    Women in Vihiga County – Kenya have been marginalized to be dependent on decision making, leadership, job opportunities and low income compared to men

    We're looking for:
    5 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-03-31 till 2022-12-31
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) on Conflict Management

    Perception that men are superior in the homes negatively impacts on relationships between men and women with the preponderance of gender based violence

    We're looking for:
    5 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-05-01 till 2023-12-31
  • School drop-out among girls in Primary and Secondary Schools

    School drop out among girls in primary and secondary schools has been major problem in many African societies to achieving the universal primary education (UPE)

    We're looking for:
    5 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-03-20 till 2022-12-20
  • Teenage Pregnancies in the Society

    Lack of information about reproductive health and high rates of child abuse have caused the upsurge of teenage pregnancy

    We're looking for:
    5 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-04-29 till 2023-12-29
  • Youth Enterprenuership and Leadership Development Programme (YELD)

    KVDA will prepare young people to be healthy, productive, and engaged citizens. We believe that educated, employed, and engaged young people possess human power

    We're looking for:
    4 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-07-08 till 2023-12-31
  • Group Volunteering in Kenya

    KVDA has launched group volunteering program from January to December 2019, welcomes applications to build a formidable platform to transform society to action.

    We're looking for:
    10 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-01-10 till 2019-12-31
  • Workcamps in Kenya

    KVDA is recruiting volunteers to its international community service projects in Kenya scheduled from January to December 2019; make a big difference in Kenya

    We're looking for:
    10 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-01-06 till 2019-12-20
  • Medium and Long Term Voluntary Service Program in Kenya

    KVDA is recruiting volunteers for Medium and Long term projects in Kenya from January to December 2019. Opportunities are abundant for service to humanity

    We're looking for:
    8 more partners
    Deadline for this partner request:
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-01-22 till 2019-12-31
  • Educational Tours in Kenya

    KVDA is recruiting volunteers to participate in its educational tours program to spectacular sites of interest designed at renowned jewels of nature gifted aura

    We're looking for:
    10 more partners
    This project takes place:
    from 2018-08-01 till 2019-12-31

Past projects

Inferiority Complex on Women in Society

Inferiority complex on women in society is a major issues that should be addressed for gender neutrality and empowerment to engender sustainability of relations

Project Cycle Management

To exchange new project management tools in order to strengthen capacities to design, lead and evaluate international IVS projects

Health Workcamp at Esiarambatsi Health Center in April 2019

KVDA is recruiting volunteers for 2-week medical camp in Kenya to render experiential learning to medical students and practitioners worldwide

Gender Based Violence in the Society

Gender based violence within the society is multi-pronged, the female gender at the receiving end of menfolk malevolence; perpetuated by cultural impunity.

Workshop About Early Marriages in South West Kenya

KVDA will create awareness to parents and teenagers to tackle early marriages in the Kuria community where the repugnant rites of passage; thrives with abandon.

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Kenya Voluntary Development Association

Contact person: Oneka Munanairi


Phone: +254721650357



Skype: munanairi.1



Kenya Voluntary Development Association is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in KENYA (Nairobi)
  • KENYA Nairobi
focused on
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • Drama and theatre
  • EVS volunteer wanted
  • Gender equality
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Peace and conflict
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Volunteering
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KVDA is a membership organization that is non-profit making started in 1962 offering international voluntary services to needy causes at Kenyan grassroots

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