Inferiority Complex on Women in Society

Inferiority complex on women in society is a major issues that should be addressed for gender neutrality and empowerment to engender sustainability of relations

Primary Causes
-Women cannot access and control the resources
-Non gender responsible leadership
-Low self esteem among women
-Payment of dowry to girls parents

Secondary causes
-Female Genital Mutilation
-Women are not allowed to eat delicious meals in some communities
-Laws/policies discriminative division of labour
-Women are not allowed to be top leaders in a church/mosque

Main Objective: To increase women's self esteem in a society

Specific Objectives: 
-To train women on entrepreneurship and financial management skills 
-To empower men, women and community leaders on leadership 
-To build capacity of women on life skills and self confidence

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Project overview

Inferiority Complex on Women in Society is a project by
Kenya Voluntary Development Association
taking place
from 2020-02-07 till 2021-12-31
and is focusing on:
  • Gender equality
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Volunteering

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