Entrepreneurship Skills Training

Women in Vihiga County – Kenya have been marginalized to be dependent on decision making, leadership, job opportunities and low income compared to men

AIM: to increase women self-esteem in Vihiga County in Western Kenya

-To train women on entrepreneurship skills and financial management
-To empower men, women and community leaders on leadership
-To build capacity of women on life skills and self-confidence

-Women training on self-awareness and confidence building
-Women training on entrepreneurship skills and financial management
-Meetings and media campaign on women empowerment in leadership

Activity 1: Young women aged 18 - 35
Activity 2: Young women aged 18 - 35
Activity 3: Young women aged 18 – 35 - men aged 18-35 - community leaders 35+

METHODS: Energizers, group discussions, group presentations, audio, videos, site visits, testimonies

Objective 1:
a) number of women have increased knowledge on entrepreneurship skills and financial management;
b) number of women have started their own business

Objective 2:
a) number of women and man having skills on leadership;
b) number of women competing for leadership positions;
c) number of women who are participating in community meeting

Objective 3:
a) number of speeches to women in the community;
b) number of women taking local leadership roles in the community

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Contact person: Oneka Munanairi


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Project overview

Entrepreneurship Skills Training is a project by
Kenya Voluntary Development Association
taking place
from 2019-12-01 till 2022-12-31

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