Gender Based Violence in the Society

Gender based violence within the society is multi-pronged, the female gender at the receiving end of menfolk malevolence; perpetuated by cultural impunity.

Gender based violence within the society is multi-pronged and it either involves wife battering or husband battering and these cases are legion in some communities in Kenya and there is an urgent need to combat the malady

Primary causes:
-Law enforcing bodies frustrating women who report cases of being beaten by their husbands -Alcohol and drug abuse by the husband

Main Objective: To reduce the cases of domestic violence

-Failure of men to provide basic needs at home/ unemployment of husbands which leads to frustration
-Men think they are superior in homes than women/women considered as property

Secondary causes:

-Infidelity in marriage which causes them not to respect each other
-Polygamy boys who grow up from violent homes too can be violent in their homes
-Dowry and bride price paid for women: men feel they own them

Specific Objectives: 
-To create awareness on women's rights as partners in marriage 
-To train men and women on conflict management 
-To sensitise law enforcement on domestic violence

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Project overview

Gender Based Violence in the Society is a project by
Kenya Voluntary Development Association
taking place
from 2020-02-06 till 2022-12-31
and is focusing on:
  • Gender equality
  • Volunteering

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