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Info about EVS experience:

Since its inception, the Foundation Prom gained numerous experience in working with young people from different backgrounds, running different projects (keeping integrative community centers, summer and winter camps, green schools). Before we started the adventure of EVS in our children centers and in the office we hosted numerous volunteers and trainees from Wroclaw University (an average of 5 persons per year), past pupils of our clubs continued cooperation and helped us during trips and events as volunteers. We learned how to support them, teach and organize their work. Another goal and challenge was European Voluntary Service that is why since 2009 we have accreditation to host volunteers in the "Youth in Action" and in 2014 won re-accreditation in Erasmus +. To date we have completed 11 projects involving 30 volunteers. At the moment We coordinate 3 projects with 19 volunteers working in (in 2 of them We are CO and in one – HO). Hosting their allow us available resources, personnel, premises and many interesting projects and events that we realize. Every year, the project enjoys growing interest from potential volunteers, as evidenced we have numerous inquiries about the possibility of cooperation. In 2011 we obtained the status of the sending and coordinating EVS organization. In 2014 was the first time that we coordinated hosting project in the Association Song of the Goat Theatre. Two volunteers work in the organization of the Festival "Brave Kids". The project was repeated in 2016 and will have next edition in 2017. At the moment We coordinate 3 projects in 5 kindergartens and one association. Starting from February We will start fourth project for 10 new EVS volunteers (in kindergartens, primary schools and Brave Festival).
We employ 2 coordinators and 3 mentors, but from February this number will increase.

General info:

The Foundation of Social Integration Prom was established on 13.01.2004, entry into the National Court Register, received 04.03.2004.The bodies of the foundation are: the Council and the Board. The Board consists of two members-President Janusz Balkowski , Treasurer - Pawel Czuba. A valuable resource of Foundation is its employees: solid team consists of five people, including two specialists from fundraising and coordination of projects (contract). Annually, the projects employ on a contract or work order about 30 people. Foundation also use the help of interns from Work Office (1 pers. / Year) and European volunteers of the "Youth in Action” Programme, Erasmus+ (19 pers. / year ). Accounting conducts an external company, the same since five years. We have a solid substantive partners exe.: various Roma Association in Poland; Center for Information and Social Development of Wroclaw.
The Foundation is running a business within publishes books about the problems of the Roma in South-Eastern Europe.
The main fields of activity: to help children and adolescents (we run two community centres for Roma and polish children), to support the Roma minority (food distribution , social campaign, free legal advices), legal advice (for Poles and Roma), to popularize knowledge about Roma (books and comics ), since 2009 We’ve been hosting volunteers from Europe (we are EVS accredited hosting, sending, coordinating organization, international cooperation (organizing seminars and forums to exchange experiences in work with Roma community in the Visegrad countries ).
Since 2004 we run centers integrating Polish and Roma kids, which included support for about 100 children/year, since 2009 children's dance team „Terni Romani Bacht”. From 2013 we implement a program (called “Mamy super mamy”) to support Roma women.
In 2011-2014, we implemented projects: "Roma and Polish on One Backyard”, " You have right” and " Different Citizens of One City " (in Partnership with Municipality of Wroclaw) funded by the Human Capital Operational Programme financed by EU Funds. In frame of those project we organized free legal, psychological, social, health, educational advices addressed to the Roma minority.
02.2012 – 07.2013 we run project „Roma rising" and within social campaign " Some of the many " 1.3.1 Human Capital Operational Programme, main aim was: to improve the image of the Roma in Lower Silesia. As part of the campaign were carried pictures of Polish Roma who succeeded, held exhibitions in several cities of the region, painted a mural in Wroclaw, created short films, website, interviews with Roma people, photo album. The campaign was a success and thanks to EU Funds was continued in 2014-2015 in three other Polish regions. Photo Exhibition „Roma rising“ host in March 2014 in the European Parliament in Brussels.
For several years we have been publishing books mainly devoted to the problems of the Roma community in South-Eastern Europe. Some of the most interesting and unique are: comic books „History of the Roma in the pictures", „Drom - Way - The history of the Roma in Europe“,
„Forgotten Roma professions“ and „Roma children of the world - guide for teachers ". Funded by Visegrad Funds or Polish Ministry of Administration and Digitization.
The main sources of funding - Human Capital Operational Programme EU Funds, Lower Silesia Governor's Office , Ministry of Administration and Digitization, Municipality of Wroclaw , Youth in Action Programme Action 2 European Voluntary Service, Visegrad Fund, private sponsors.

Past projects

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Our first group EVS project involved 2 volunteers, from Turkey and Italy. Girls were working in our children centers.

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In this second EVS project We were hosting two boys from Gerorgia and Italy. They were working in our children centers.

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In this project We were hosting 4 girls from: Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

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In this fourth project We were hosting 3 grils from Spain, Czech Republic, Germany and one Portugese boy.

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Our fifth project involved two girls (Portugal, Spain) and two boys (Italy, Spain). They were working in our children centers for 10 months.

Organise Brave Kids Festival with us!

Two volunteers were helping in a big, international art festival for children from all over the world.

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Sixth project involved four girls - from Czech Republic, Armenia, Ukraine and Spain. Volunteers were working for 10 months with children and youth in Wrocław.

Discover with us the Secret Garden. Vol. 1

It was the first project coordinated by our foundation, but implemented in another hosting organisation - kindergarten no 2 in Wrocław.

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Seventh project implmented in our children centers involved 4 volunteers: two Slovak girls, one boy from Ukraine and one from Romania.

Organise Brave Kids with us! vol. 2

Two volunteers from Spain and Romania were helping to organise Brave kids Festival in Wrocław.

Discover with us the secret garden. Vol. 2

This is second project that We coordinate in other HO - state kindergarten in Wrocław. There are 3 girls: Spanish, Portugese and Hungarian.

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At the moment We are hosting 4 volunteers: Georgian, Hungarian, Italian and Russian. All of them are girls. They work in our children centers and with disabled.

Happy kids, better Europe. Vol. 1

We coordinate the volunteering work of 12 volunteers in 5 different HO - kindergartens in Wrocław.

Happy kids, better Europe. Vol.2

In this project We coordinate work of 10 volunteers in different HO: state and private kindergartens, schools and associations.

Happy kids, better Europe 3.

This long-term EVS is being implemented in 2 HO in Wrocław, Poland. We host 3 volunteers from: Hungary, Spain and Portugal.

Strategic EVS project "Happy kids, better Europe 4"

The project will be implemented in 16 Polish HO. Prom Foundation will be the leader and CO. We have planned 3 full rounds of long-term EVS.

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Fundacja Integracji Społecznej Prom

Contact person: Karolina Bobińska


Phone: 0048713592921

Fundacja Integracji Społecznej Prom is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Poland (Wrocław)
  • Poland Wrocław
focused on
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  • Integration
  • Roma communities
  • Volunteering
and interested in:
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
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We have acreditation under Erasmus+ for hosting, coordinating and sending volunteers since 2009. We've already hosted 52 volunteers.

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