Fundacja Integracji Społecznej Prom

We have been involved in work with children and young people from different cultural and social backgrounds, Roma
minority, and people with mental disorders since the establishment of the foundation, which allowed us to gain experience
in project coordination early on and identify the needs of the local community before participating in EVS/ESC.
Since 2004: integration club “The Dwarf’s Corner” („Zakątek Krasnoludka”) for Polish and Roma children (help with
studying, trips and workshops).
2005: cooperation with the Association of people and families with mental health disorders “You’re not alone” („Nie Jesteś
Sam”), activities of the self-help day club.
2007-2014: multilateral study visits for institutions and organizations helping Roma community in the Visegrad countries.
2012-2014: partner in a project “Different citizens-one city” („Różni obywatele-jedno miasto”). 4 counseling centers for
Roma adults (advice on legal, social and health matters, help from such professionals as a speech therapist and
2012-2015: two editions of the campaign “One of the many” („Jedni z wielu”) in Lower Silesia, aimed at improving the
image of the Roma community.
2014-2015: project “Way to Employment” („Droga do zatrudnienia”) in Lower Silesia, workshops on legal and civil matters,
career-oriented workshops.
2015: European Citizens’ Prize for contribution to the integration of the Roma people.
2017-2019: the second edition of “Way to Employment”.
2009: received accreditation as a hosting organisation in the “Youth and Action” Erasmus + Programme. Hosting
participants in our integration centers for Roma and disadvantaged Polish children.
2014: coordinated participants hosted in the Song of the Goat Theatre Association (Stowarzyszenie Teatru Pieśni Kozła)
during the preparation of a big multicultural event “Brave Kids Festival” in Wroclaw.
2015: coordinated the “Discover the Secret Garden with Us” project (3 participants hosted in kindergarten No. 2 for 12
months and 2 hosted in the Song of the Goat Theatre Association for 9 months).
2016-2017: completed our first of the series of “Happy Kids, Better Europe” projects, where we coordinated 13
participants hosted in Polish kindergartens No.27, No.104, No.147, and an English-speaking kindergarten eNTe.
Simultaneously, we hosted participants in our integration center and continued to coordinate participants in the Song of
the Goat Theatre Association.
2017-2018: coordinated two next projects: “Happy Kids, Better Europe 2” (6 participants) and “Happy Kids, Better Europe
3” (3 participants) hosted in a private primary school “Jaskółka” and kindergarten No.25.
2018-2020: completed a 2,5-year strategic project “Happy Kids, Better Europe 4”, 50 participants hosted in 16 institutions
(public kindergartens No. 2, No. 27, No. 35, No.36, No. 47, No. 49, No. 51, No. 87, No. 104, No. 121, No. 147, Ecological
and English-speaking private kindergartens, private primary school “Jaskółka”, Song of the Goat Theatre Association and
our foundation’s office).
2019-2021: coordinated projects “Volunteers for Solidarity 1” and " Volunteers for Solidarity Corps 2".
2020-2021: coordinating a project “Driven by Solidarity, United by Diversity” in collaboration with “Lastochki” organisation
from Russia with activities in Poland (2 participants hosted in kindergarten No.17, one with a physical disability - a
wheelchair user) and Russia (1 Polish participant to be hosted in the Jewish kindergarten “Makkabi-Lauder” and 1 to be
hosted in a non-profit Organisation of Disabled People Using Wheelchairs "Desnitsa” Association).
2020-2021: coordinating a project “Be Brave” involving 1 participant from an ethnic minority in Georgia and 1 with a
physical disability (crutches user) hosted in the Song of the Goat Theatre Association.
2017-2018: 1 Polish participant on the project “A Year in the Kecskemét Youth Organization” in Hungary and coordinated
3 participants with fewer opportunities in short-term EVS “EVS participants for Brave Kids” hosted in the Song of the Goat
Theatre Association.
2018-2019: 1 Polish participant on the project "Volunteering in Samara for Desnitsa Association" Samara, Russia, and
coordinated it together with “Desnitsa Association”.
2020 - 2021: 1 Polish participant on the project “Promoting solidarity in Brno - Mladiinfo” in the Czech Republic
2021: 1 Polish participant on the project “Youth Defence Against Threats - You DEFEAT” in Romania
2019: Livia (a VET intern from Italy), Nagore (psychology Master's Degree Graduate from Spain, Tamara (psychology
graduate from Spain).
We have coordinated over 200 participants (from EU and Non-EU countries) and completed 27 projects in total, which
allowed us to promote inclusion, multiculturalism and multilingualism. We aim to continue carrying out projects, which will
meet the priorities and objectives of the ESC, and the needs of the Polish community.

Past projects

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Our first group EVS project involved 2 volunteers, from Turkey and Italy. Girls were working in our children centers.

Jump in to the volunteers' ferry! vol 2.

In this second EVS project We were hosting two boys from Gerorgia and Italy. They were working in our children centers.

Jump in to the volunteers' ferry! vol.3

In this project We were hosting 4 girls from: Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Jump in to the volunteers' ferry! vol.4

In this fourth project We were hosting 3 grils from Spain, Czech Republic, Germany and one Portugese boy.

Jump in to the volunteers' ferry! vol.5

Our fifth project involved two girls (Portugal, Spain) and two boys (Italy, Spain). They were working in our children centers for 10 months.

Organise Brave Kids Festival with us!

Two volunteers were helping in a big, international art festival for children from all over the world.

Jump in to the voluneers' ferry! vol.6

Sixth project involved four girls - from Czech Republic, Armenia, Ukraine and Spain. Volunteers were working for 10 months with children and youth in Wrocław.

Discover with us the Secret Garden. Vol. 1

It was the first project coordinated by our foundation, but implemented in another hosting organisation - kindergarten no 2 in Wrocław.

Jump in to the volunteers' ferry! vol. 7

Seventh project implmented in our children centers involved 4 volunteers: two Slovak girls, one boy from Ukraine and one from Romania.

Organise Brave Kids with us! vol. 2

Two volunteers from Spain and Romania were helping to organise Brave kids Festival in Wrocław.

Discover with us the secret garden. Vol. 2

This is second project that We coordinate in other HO - state kindergarten in Wrocław. There are 3 girls: Spanish, Portugese and Hungarian.

Jump in to the volunteers' ferry! vol. 8

At the moment We are hosting 4 volunteers: Georgian, Hungarian, Italian and Russian. All of them are girls. They work in our children centers and with disabled.

Happy kids, better Europe. Vol. 1

We coordinate the volunteering work of 12 volunteers in 5 different HO - kindergartens in Wrocław.

Happy kids, better Europe. Vol.2

In this project We coordinate work of 10 volunteers in different HO: state and private kindergartens, schools and associations.

Happy kids, better Europe 3.

This long-term EVS is being implemented in 2 HO in Wrocław, Poland. We host 3 volunteers from: Hungary, Spain and Portugal.

Strategic EVS project "Happy kids, better Europe 4"

The project will be implemented in 16 Polish HO. Prom Foundation will be the leader and CO. We have planned 3 full rounds of long-term EVS.

Proud Volunteers for Solidarity 1

12 people took part in the project, including 7 women and 5 men, 2 people from outside the EU, 10 people from the EU. They were working mainly with kids.

Proud volunteers for solidarity 2

In this project We hosted 17 volunteers in kindergartens, schools and our office.

Proud volunteers for solidarity 4

In this project We are hosting 12 volunteers in Polish educational institutions.

Proud volunteers dor solidarity 5

We are still searching for 6 out of 14 volunteers form EU countries to work in educational institutions.

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Fundacja Integracji Społecznej Prom

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Fundacja Integracji Społecznej Prom is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Poland (Wrocław)
  • Poland Wrocław
focused on
  • Children
  • Integration
  • Roma communities
  • Volunteering
and interested in:
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
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Acredited under Erasmus+ / European Solidarity Corps for hosting, coordinating and sending volunteers since 2009. We've already hosted over 200 volunteers.

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