Just imagine - example training course from CD ROM

This is the story of a training course that might have happened in a town called Sitges on the east coast of Spain...Just imagine!

'Just imagine' training course

This was an imaginary training course that shows you examples of different evaluation approaches that you could use at different stages of the process.

The 'Just Imagine course' was to focus on youth exchanges.  It was 'thought up' by different National Agecies. Their decision was based on an analysis of training needs conducted during the previous year. What they wanted to do was this:

- to have a close look at how such courses are constructed

- to find out which methodologies are appropriate

- to see how quality could be measured

- to draw conclusions for future courses.


For these reasons, they also decided to build in a whole range of evaluation processes, which will be highlighted as we go through the story of this pilot course.


You will find links provided to relevant sections in the rest of these pages, using the Just Imagine course as an example for how to set up an evaluation strategy.


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