SALTO CD ROM now available online

SALTO produced a CD ROM on evaluating training in European Youth Work, with the help of Sphynx consultancy. To disseminate this knowledge further, the information has also been written here.....

Taking you gently through the How, why and where of evaluation...

Theory is combined with examples of proven methods from extensive experience of evaluating training activities. We have devised a training course – called Just Imagine you made a youth exchange – to illustrate how a team can integrate evaluation into their planning from the very beginning. You will find documents to download and adapt for your own use and some suggestions for going further.


We hope you will find these pages, developed from a CD-ROM, easy to use and challenging to put into practise!

You could start by clicking here for the question "Why should I evaluate?"

Please note: all the content on the related pages to the CD ROM remain the intellectual property of Paul Kloosterman and Mark Taylor, Sphynx consultancy.

  • What is evaluation? FROM THE CD ROM

    Evaluation means the process of judging the quality, importance, amount or value of something. This section goes into the crucial questions: What are we evaluating for? Who is interested in the evaluations? How do we take away the fear of evaluation?

    What is evaluation? FROM THE CD ROM
  • Planning Evaluation - FROM THE CD ROM

    Evaluation is an ongoing process that needs to be planned in advance and is part of the project planning.

    Planning Evaluation - FROM THE CD ROM
  • Using Outcomes - FROM THE CD ROM

    When you go to all the trouble of evaluating different elements of a training course, you might as well use the results of your efforts.

    Using Outcomes - FROM THE CD ROM
  • Just imagine - example training course from CD ROM

    This is the story of a training course that might have happened in a town called Sitges on the east coast of Spain...Just imagine!

    Just imagine - example training course from CD ROM
  • FROM CD ROM Ways to evaluate

    When you know what to evaluate, when to evaluate and with whom to evaluate, the question that remains is: How to evaluate?

  • Extra bits from the CD ROM

    Some other material you might find useful - including a quiz and further references/resources you might use

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