Bridges for Recognition VIRTUALLY yours?

Bridges for Recognition is not over yet! Discussions are still going on ONLINE ! Just the same as before and during the conference, different discussions around specific recognition topics are moderated in the Virtual Community! See you there?

Bridges Virtual Community

If you are interested in Bridges for Recognition but did not have the chance to participate in Leuven, we have an alternative for you! You can join the Bridges for Recognition Virtual Community (in generous cooperation with

You can easily join the Virtual Community - simply click 'Join' on this page and you will get a confirmation message soon after. (The Virtual Community is called "Young Researches in VET" - but you don't have to be a researcher to join ;-)

Registered Users can:

  • get access to many BACKGROUND DOCUMENTS on recognition in the Bridges for Recognition FILES (click 'Files' in the left navigation column and then click Bridges for Recognition)
  • read and contribute to DISCUSSIONS in the Bridges for Recognition LETS DISCUSS area (click 'Let's Discus' in the left navigation column and then click Bridges for Recognition)
  • have a look at previous discussions on recognition of Non-Formal Learning e.g. from a Research Seminar which took place in Strasbourg April 2004 (click 'Let's Discus' in the left navigation column)
  • Update your own PROFILE via PREFERENCES link (at the bottom of the left navigation column) so that everybody can read who you are and what your link is to recognition

Your contributions and reflections will be used in the follow up of Bridges!

For more information and help regarding the Virtual Community check the extensive Community Help pages online (top right) OR you can contact one of the Community Moderators:

  • Mark Taylor ()
  • Paul Kloosterman () or
  • Graham Attwell () />

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Webcam Access during Bridges

There were 5 times as many applicants as there were free places at Bridges for Recognition. Therefore we created a possibility to follow the discussions live! People could log on to the Bridges Webcam to follow what was happening at Bridges for Recognition.

  • This way everybody could participate 'Virtually' in Bridges for Recognition!

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The following downloads are available:

  • Bridges for Recognition Programme

    This is the programme of Bridges for Recognition with details of all the different workshops and sessions. Download it now - and follow all discussions in room 'Willem Van Croy' via the Bridges Webcam (add BridgesBelgium as your friend in Yahoo Messenger)

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