Raise your voice for tomorrow's Europe

Forum "Raise your voice for tomorrow's Europe"

The forum organised in Ljubljana, Slovenia 13 - 16 November 2017aimed at promoting the European dimension in education for democratic citizenship with young people and contributing to the recognition of European citizenship. 

The attempt to advance European political integration further beyond intergovernmental cooperation leads to the question, to which extent civic identification and will for collective political action is possible at European level? Do young Europeans have opportunities to become socialised to European citizenship? How do we understand the concept and what are the mechanisms to practice it? Is the European dimension promoted using appropriate pedagogical approaches to citizenship at national level? Further on, what is today the role of youth work in developing young people’s sense of civic engagement for Europe and current European concerns?

SALTO South East Europe organised the forum in cooperation with the Slovenian, Austrian, German and Polish National Agencies of the Erasmus+ Programme in the field of youth and the EU-CoE Youth Partnership. The forum gathered various stakeholders in the field education for democratic citizenship to reflect on the potential of European citizenship in youth work and education today, explore the opportunities and challenges connected to integrating the European dimension in their practice and build new partnerships for further cooperation.

Final report

Resources connected to the forum:

T-kit by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership on European citizenship in youth work, launched at the forum.

Keynote speech by Prof. Bryony Hoskins from the University of Roehampton: "European Citizenship: a "regional hub for global citizenship, or a "super" nationality for market liberal elite?"

Reflection paper “What type of citizens do we have in Europe? And what type of citizens do we want?” by Prof. Bryony Hoskins, University of Roehampton, developed on the basis of the keynote speeches in the forum (above) and in the seminar Young people's citizenship and Europe: which ways forwards? by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership 3 - 4 May 2018.

Programme of activities

ParticipantsDescriptions of participants' organisations and future plans associated to the education of democratic citizenship with young people.

Good practicesShort descriptions of inspirational practices presented during the forum on how to integrate the European dimension in education for democratic citizenship with young people.

Article based on the forum by Maija Lehto, SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre in the Coyote magazine: "Is European citizenship still relevant in youth work and non-formal education in today’s Europe?"

Article European citizenship at the edge of our times: reconfiguring youth work practices in a world in transition by Nuno da Silva, Portugal, connected to the workshop in the forum “European citizenship and democratic participation”: Has European citizenship the potential for reversing the political apathy of young people in contemporary Europe?" 

Concept note 


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