What are support activities organised by the network of Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies and SALTO Resource Centres?

The support activities provide youth work practitioners with a possibility to gain new competences, exchange information, experiences and practices of youth work and youth policy in different countries as well as to network and find partners for future cooperation within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme and beyond.

The Erasmus+ Programme in the field of youth supports potential applicants and beneficiaries as well as other relevant stakeholders (youth workers, youth leaders, educations, youth policy-makers…) through various support activities related to the Programme and its priorities though “Transnational Cooperation Activities” (TCA).

These activities can take different formats, such as training courses and workshops, seminars, partnership-building activities, conferences, symposia etc. The aim of TCA is to increase the cooperation, quality and impact of the Programme and therefore positively influence in the entire European youth sector.

The support activities are exclusively transnational, meaning that they gather participants at least from two, and in most cases, several countries.

Information for interested applicants for support activities

SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre cooperates with several National Agencies in the frame of TCA. The calendar of our support activities for 2017 with currently open calls is available here. The actual calls for participants are published in the European Training Calendar (there are direct links from our calendar of activities). When using the European Training Calendar, please pay attention which countries the activity of your interest is addressing. Applicants from the Western Balkans can apply for activities open for the “Neighbouring Partners Countries” or Western Balkans in particular.

Please note that many other organisations in addition to the network of National Agencies and SALTOs are publishing their calls for participants in the European Training Calendar. (Please check the organiser on the right side of the page!) In these cases the organisers make the selection themselves, and we in SALTO SEE are not in charge of the selection of participants from the Western Balkan region.

Please note also that even if the activity is organised by the network of National Agencies and SALTOs, but you cannot find it on our calendar of activities, we might not support the participation of any applicants from the Western Balkan region. In case of uncertainty, we advise you to contact us at for clarification.

Application, selection and costs

The application is made in most cases through the SALTO online application system. The call for participants in the European Training Calendar will lead you to the application. It is required to register in the MySALTO system in order to be able to submit the application.

SALTO SEE makes the selection of participants respecting the criteria set in the call. We also aim at ensuring the overall geographical and gender balance in our selection, so that all Western Balkan countries as well as male and female applicants would be close to equally represented every year. We also try to give the possibility for as many persons and organisations as possible to take part in support activities, and therefore we might have to reject a good application should the applicant been supported recently to another activity.

When SALTO SEE supports the participation, it means we also take the responsibility of reimbursing the travel costs after the activity has taken place. All instructions will be sent to the selected participants along with notification of the selection results. In principal we reimburse all eligible costs, however, the participant might receive less money than initially spent for the travel due to local bank costs in the participant’s country. The board and lodging during the support activities is covered by the organisers, unless mentioned otherwise.

After returning from the support activity, the participants is requested to fill in a report form in which we ask questions about the activity and what were the benefits for the participant. The travel reimbursement can be conditional to sending the form filled it. The form is available here

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