Inclusion & Diversity Steering Group

It is great to have an Inclusion & Diversity (ID) Strategy for Erasmus+ Youth, but who will implement it? The ID Steering Group oversees the implementation and takes action where needed to make the Erasmus+ programme for youth as inclusive as possible so that diverse target groups enjoy international opportunities.


  • ‘Inclusion & Diversity Now’ leaflet (pdf) and promotional video to explain the ID strategy.
  • Clearer inclusion wording in both the Erasmus+ programme guide and application form.
  • Highlight inclusion & equity principlesin the guide & grids for E+ project assessors.
  • Inclusion analysis of the RAY impact assessment of Erasmus+ youth. Research results here.
  • Inventory of NA approaches to ‘reinforced mentorship’ and ‘exceptional costs’ to create more coherence.
  • Collecting arguments to have a seperate tailor-made training cycle for short-term EVS (young people with fewer opportunities).
  • Reaching out to new trustworthy organisations who can host volunteers with fewer opportunities/special needs.
  • Volunteers get access to their evaluation form 1 week before end of their EVS, so they can work on it together with mentor.
  • All NAs have a dedicated inclusion & diversity officer (and they are online in the NA extranet).
  • Training for NAs to set up national ID Strategies, inventory of the ID strategies.
  • Overview of the different initiatives for/with young refugees across Europe (Erasmus+ and others).  

Composition of the ID Steering Group 

  • European Commission
  • National Agencies of AT, CZ, DE, FI, FR, HR, IT, IE, IS, LV, MK, PL, RO, UK
  • SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Resource Centre
  • Inclusion & diversity experts
  • Inclusion: Learning to swim rather than being carried

    Inclusion: Learning to swim
    rather than being carried


The following downloads are available:

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