The Inclusion & Diversity Strategy...

... reinforces inclusion and diversity dimension of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. It builds on the experiences across the different sectors of the Programmes and encourages mutual inspiration and motivation amongst them.

The Strategy helps to reach out to and support young people with fewer opportunities in the best way possible and creates a transparent frame to make Inclusion & Diversity projects easier.

Download the strategy here.

The ID Strategy is also available in the 22 EU official languages here.

Go Inclusive!

... Leaflet with a short overview of Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps support for inclusion and diversity projects.

... Leaflet in easy to read language!

... Video explaining what Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps and you can do for inclusion and diversity. Subtitles available in EN, DE, IS, GR and RU. Here you can watch video with the voice-over in NL.

Previous I&D Strategy (2014-2020) tools:

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